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One of the most rewarding things I do here at Baked Bree is partner with brands that I use, trust, and believe in. Together we can create valuable and unique content that benefits both of our audiences.

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Here are a few ways we can work together:

Food Photography & Styling – 10 years of professional photography has helped me create and produce consistently high-quality work. I conceptualize and organize photo shoots for food and lifestyle brands. My work is always on time and on budget. Sample work can be found here.

Cookbook and e-Book Photography – Long term photography projects such as cookbook and e-Book photography is one of the most rewarding jobs that I do. Seeing a concept begin and the final product being an entire publication that you can hold in your hand (or in your virtual hand) never grows old for me. You can see my work here, here, and here.

Recipe Development and Food Writing – My life literally revolves around cooking and food. I love playing with trends and ingredients and coming up with new recipes that highlight them. Content can be created to be shared here, on your website, or in national campaigns and publications. Here are some examples of how we can work together.

Sponsored Posts – I get tremendous joy from working with brands that share similar values and that I believe in. I am happy to introduce your brand to my readers. I am able to provide many unique ways that we can work together. Samples posts here, here, and here.

Video – Creating video is no longer an option. It is something that needs to be embraced. I can conceptualize, create, and produce short-form video for products, brands, and to introduce you to your readers. You can watch one here

Brand Ambassadorship – Building long term relationships with brands that I admire and share values with is always welcome. I’m available to be a spokesperson and represent your brand. 

Press Trips, Travel Reviews, and Conferences – Nothing blows my mind more than seeing how products I love are made and the people that make them. I never get tired of getting to know my favorite brands on a personal level. If you are planning a press trip, I’m your girl. I’m happy to share my experience with my readers and social media followers. Planning a conference? I’m available to speak about blogging, photography, motherhood, nutrition, to name a few. Would you like someone to go and represent your brand? I can do that too. Need to show off your glorious destination? My passport is ALWAYS up-to-date. This show is location independent, I’d love to visit and show off all that your city or destination has to offer. Sample posts can be found here and here.

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Contact me at and we can get started. 

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