Butterfly Snack

Butterfly Snack – Make a fun snack and create a craft using a plastic bag and a glittered clothes pin. Decorate for a cute spring activity.

butterfly craft

When the kids are out of school I am always looking for fun little craft projects to do with them. The other day, they were all fighting and getting on my nerves, there needed to be an intervention. Fast. Out comes the craft box! I found this cute little butterfly craft in Family Fun magazine. If you have children you need to get this magazine. Every month when my Family Fun comes to my door, I cannot wait to read it because I always find something fun to do or make with my children. Not only that, I always find fun toys and games for my kids that I would not otherwise. I found this fun game in that magazine and it is making summertime sight word homework just a little more fun.

This project was easy and I had everything that I needed in my craft closet. You can actually get two activities out of this one, because you can make the snack that goes in the bags too. I just tossed together some Kix, freeze dried bananas, and raisins. We took a few clothespins and decorated the outside with puffy paint. We put some googly eyes on the butterfly before the paint was dry and then we let them dry completely. We just cut a pipe cleaner and made it look like an antennae and we were done. This would be a fun craft at a bug themed party also. You could use a heat embosser to make the paint dry faster and it could also double as the favor bag.


For the snack:

  • Kix cereal
  • Dried bananas
  • Raisins

For the craft:

  • Paint
  • Clothespins
  • A pipe cleaner


Step 1:

Paint and decorate the outside of clothespins.

Step 2:

Let them dry completely.

Step 3:

Make an antennae using a pipe cleaner.

Step 4:

Add the snack in the bag and clip it together.

butterfly craft

As you can see, Ava really gets into her art projects. I really love doing projects on these cheap little trays that I bought at the dollar store. It helps contain some of the mess. I originally bought them for Playdoh but we use them for all sorts of things now.

butterfly craft

What kinds of projects are you doing with your kids this summer? If you have some good ideas or blog posts, please share them with the class in the comments section.

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