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Hello there. I am thrilled that you are reaching out. Because I sincerely value your time (and mine) there is a better than good chance that I can answer your question right now. How about that for service?

It’s like a pick-your-own-adventure:

RECIPE QUESTIONS // Try googling your Q. Chances are really good that you will find the answer a lot faster using the Google than if you wait for me to respond. (And chances are really good that I am going to have to Google it myself anyway, so let’s cut out the middleman and get you back to cooking.) It is also likely that I have answered it already in the FAQs, so give that a look too.

GUEST POSTING // I would like to help out everyone that asks me to accept their guest post, however, at this time I am not accepting any. I do however occasionally guest post for others. I welcome the opportunity to speak to your audience if it is the right fit.

AD SPACE // I have made the decision to remove all of the ads on this site. (You can read more about my decision to do that here.)

SPONSORED POSTS // I’m no longer offering any sponsored posts.

PRODUCT REVIEWS & GIVEAWAYS // I am always flattered when businesses want me to try their products or endorse their Kickstarter campaigns and promote them on Baked Bree. I understand how hard it can be to get eyeballs on your products, and I wish that I could help everyone that asks. That being said, I get a lot of requests. In fact, I could make product reviews the main focus of this blog. Obviously, it isn’t, and when I do review something it is more often than not something that I have purchased myself and just happen to love.

If you do choose to send me something, please know that I reserve the right to give my honest opinion or no opinion at all. If you still want me to give it a go, fill out the form and I’ll send you my addy. I would also consider running a paid sponsored post, you can find out more about that here.

As for giveaways, I will consider running a giveaway only with a paid sponsored post. Giveaways are a lot back-end work to host and again, I would like to help everyone out, but it just not possible.

WORKING TOGETHER // There are a few different ways that we can work together. I’m a multi-faceted girl, and because of that there are few things that I can help you out with.

Photography – Not only do I take all of the photos on this site, I also offer family and portrait photography as well. You can view my work and find out more here.

Coaching & Mentoring – Did you now that I am a certified health and wellness coach? I am able to help you many accepts of your life. Whether it means eating healthier, managing stress and increasing your overall happiness, or building and maintaining a successful freelance career. You can find out more about that here.

SPEAKING & INTERVIEW REQUESTS // I am available to speak on various topics. I am available to speak at conferences, events, or workshops. I would be thrilled to be interviewed for your podcast or a webinar. You can find out more here.

IMAGE USE // I’m happy to let you use an image from this website for a roundup post, or something along those lines, as long as you credit and link back to the original post. Something else? Send me an email and ask.

If you would like to use an image for commercial purposes, please inquire for my rates.

WHERE ON EARTH DO YOU LIVE NOW? // We move so much (thanks USCG!) and we are hard to keep track of. Right now, I’m located in lovely Cape Cod, MA. Stuttgart, Germany.


Instagram – Without question my favorite form of social media. I share behind the scenes looks (my dirty dishes and recipe fails for days), tips, and recipes. Feel free to tag me if you have made a Baked Bree recipe and would like me to see it.

Facebook – Feel free to stop over and say hi. I promise not to send you a Candy Crush request. Ever.

Twitter – Tweet me and I’ll send you back a 140 character love note.

Pinterest – Pinterest is super fun and always gets me inspired. My boards are always growing and changing, come over and follow along. I have lots of great ideas and recipes for holidays, parties, and just every day feeding your family.

You can send an email to bree at

STILL NEED AN ANSWER TO YOUR Q? // Please fill out the form below. I will get back to you ASAP during business hours (Monday – Friday 9-3).