There is nothing that brings everyone in my house together like pizza night. There are so many ways to prepare pizza at home, there is no reason to order out. I like to make my own dough, but there are excellent options for already made dough (that don’t come out of a can). Topping choices are limitless. My personal favorite? Grilled pizza. Give it a try!

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Pizza Lasagna Recipe

Love pizza? Love lasagna? Then do we have the dish for you. Pizza Lasagna—it’s the ultimate Italian fusion, featuring pepperoni, pasta, veggies and mounds of cheese! In a perfect world, everything would be made of pizza. Pizza burgers, pizza salads, pizza chairs, pizza combs… you name it, I can “pizza” it. Unfortunately, this isn’t a […]

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Baked Ziti Pizza

What could be tastier than an Italian delicacy topped with another Italian delicacy! It’s Baked Ziti Pizza—a traditional crust covered in marinara sauce, three cheeses, avocado, and yes… pasta! Some nights, I’ll find myself standing in the middle of the kitchen, staring off into space, wondering whether it’s a pizza night or a pasta night.

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