Healthier Orange Chicken and Vegetables

Healthier Orange Chicken and Vegetables is a quick dinner everyone in your family will love. 

Healthier Orange Chicken and Vegetables

Whew, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. My grandmother fell and is in the hospital, so my sister and I went to New Jersey to help. (She’s doing a lot better, thank goodness!) It wasn’t a planned trip home, but I am so glad that I went. I never regret seeing her, she is one of my absolute favorite people. Even in a hospital bed, she is still running the show and letting us know who’s boss. (I hope I’m like that when I’m 89.) Sadly, while she was in the hospital, her best friend/boyfriend/I’m not sure what to call him George, passed away. Needless to say, my grandmother has had a rough couple of weeks.

George’s dog Tyler needed a home, and I have one to give him. Tyler came home with me, and now he is a member of the Hester household. He’s 10, and absolutely adorable. It doesn’t hurt that he loves me either. He follows me around and keeps my feet warm when I am working at my desk. (Like right now.) He and Pippa get along beautifully and it’s like he has always been with us. I really didn’t want a second dog, but now I can’t imagine not having one.

And to top off life in Crazy Town, we are in the middle of moving to a new house. The people who we rented our house from are moving back to the Cape, so we moved onto the base to finish out our tour. We have another year left, and it just made more sense for us to move. I love moving, the actual move itself? Notsomuch.

Healthier Orange Chicken and Vegetables

Last night I cooked the first dinner in our new house. After eating out for almost two weeks straight, all I wanted to do was get into my kitchen and cook something. It felt nice to chop and stir and have my house smell of a homecooked meal.

We no longer live close to quick stop dinner places. Which is really good, we have been eating out far too often. We are being forced to either cook dinner on busy nights or do what we call “fend for yourself”. I also don’t live very close to a grocery store anymore. I’m relying on being organized and being more of a planner. And stocking up and grocery delivery. I’m keeping a list of dinner ideas taped to the inside of my kitchen cabinet. It’s helpful when I’m planning and stuck on what to make. This Healthier Orange Chicken and Vegetables is definitely going on the list. I make this quite a bit and everyone in my house loves it. I even caught William eating broccoli out of it without being asked. #miracleshappen

Healthier Orange Chicken and Vegetables



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  • Please take a pic of your dinner list for us to see ???? I’d love it!

    • I will. 🙂 Keep your eye out in instagram for it. @everythingbakedbree


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