Kitchen Photo Wall | A Simple DIY Photography Project

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kitchen photo wall

Kitchen Photo Wall // Easy DIY project, removable, and cheap! Perfect for adding interest to a white wall.

Every time I do a story from my kitchen, I get a lot of questions and sweet comments about the photo wall in my kitchen area. I’m finally going to share how I made my kitchen photo wall, how it has lasted, and what it is like to take it down.

During our time in Stuttgart, we’ve lived on base. Base housing is fine, but it is so bland and boring. White walls, builder grade kitchens, and very industrial (not in the good way) fixtures. Our house looks like a hospital. Check out the door to my office in the picture above. Our house is two apartments that were combined into one. It is essentially a really long galley and the kitchen end doesn’t have a lot of light. It is really dark and sort of blah.

I need to add some life and personality to that end of the house and I got the idea to make essentially wallpaper out of pictures that were on my phone. It accomplished everything that I wanted it to. It’s easy. It’s cheap. It’s removable. And it is so fun.

You can see it immediately when you walk into our home and there hasn’t been a single person that has come over that hasn’t commented on it in a postitive way.

Kitchen Photo Wall

Supplies for our kitchen photo wall

– 4×4 prints – I like bordered prints I get mine from Social Print Studio. (This is not sponsored, I just like these prints.)

Scotch Removable Mini-Tabs

– rolling pin

I have a code for $5 off prints from Social Print Studio – use this code 2AEDSZRLI0 – we’ll both get $5 off our print order.

Kitchen Photo Wall

I order my prints straight from the app on my phone. I edit my iPhone photos on Lightroom Mobile and try to keep them looking the same-ish. I love the Jess Kettle Mobile presets.

Kitchen Photo Wall

I put two stickies on opposite corners of the picture and do them all at once. I don’t really have a method for putting them on the wall, but I try to avoid a lot of the same color together or if there is a really strong concentration of one kid or event.

Kitchen Photo Wall

When we are ready to stick them on the wall, we peel the backs off of the stickies and slap them on the wall. You can do this as a solo job, but it goes faster with an extra set of hands.

Kitchen Photo Wall

If you are one of those people that is super particular about straight lines or everything lining up perfectly, this might not be the project for you. If you are B- like I am, then just let it go. I guarantee you, no one has ever commented that my pictures weren’t lined up perfectly.

Tip – To line up your photo wall, start at the ceiling and work your way down. At least you will have a guide to start with.

Kitchen Photo Wall

After you stick them on the wall, take a rolling pin and go over them to really stick them to the wall. A few will fall off over time, but I noticed that once I started using the rolling pin, they stopped falling off.

Kitchen Photo Wall

I didn’t have a full wall, I’ve added to the wall three times. Each time, the kids love to see the new pictures go up. It’s rare that we don’t sit around the table and not talk about one of the pictures on the wall. They love it so much and we have laughed and reminisced about our adventures and travels during our time here.

I should also mention that every picture is from our time in Europe. The timeline starts boarding the plane to Stuttgart. It’s a great reminder of how many things we’ve done in a short amount of time.

Kitchen Photo Wall

When I finished the main wall, I decided to keep it going. Then I added the corner on the other side of the door, and now it wraps around the doorway.

I started taking the wall down because the movers are coming in the very near future. I’m happy to report that they came off super easy and the wall is unscathed. No paint chips or holes. I took the stickers off the backs and they mini tabs even came off the paper easily.

This wall has brought me so much joy and happiness. I love looking at it every day, but it also forced me to get my camera out and take pictures of all of the places we have been.

Kitchen Photo Wall

There you go! My simple kitchen photo wall is an easy DIY photography project that you can put up in an afternoon. Have a question or comment? Let me know below.

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