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marshmallow buttercream frosting recipeThis year Easter and my son’s birthday fell within a day of each other.  We had the best weekend ever.  We went to church on Saturday night because I was being confirmed, and a benefit of attending Easter Vigil Mass is not having to go to Mass on Easter Sunday.  We slept late, had a leisurely brunch, and stayed in our pj’s all day.  We watched movies, cuddled, and spent the holiday just being the 5 of us.  The next day was Clay’s 3rd birthday, and we did a lot of the same to celebrate.  We skipped having a birthday party and instead went out to lunch and spent the day playing.  It was a refreshing change to have a simple holiday and spend our littlest boy’s birthday at home, instead of cooking for days, and not really being able to relax and enjoy what is going on around me.  We might have to make it a new family tradition.

I have a crazy love affair with Marshmallow Fluff.  I know, I know.  It is terrible for me, but I love it just the same.  I think that I love it so much because my mom would never let us have it in our house growing up.  What ever the reason, I had a ton of it in my pantry from the holidays (fudge that never happened) and needed to get rid of it before the movers get here.  This marshmallow buttercream frosting is really light and fluffy and perfect for this simple birthday cake.  I fancied mine up at the last minute and added the seeds from one vanilla bean.  But vanilla extract alone is just fine.

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipe1 cup room temperature butter
1 (7-ounce) jar marshmallow creme
2 cups confectioners sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 vanilla bean (optional)

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipeCream the butter until it is light and fluffy.  Add the marshmallow creme.

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipeWhip for 2 minutes.

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipeAdd the confectioners sugar and continue to beat for 2 minutes.  Add vanilla extract and vanilla bean.

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipeI used a simple yellow cake and baked it in a 10-inch pan and a small number 3 pan that I bought at a bakery supply store. Iced it with the marshmallow buttercream and covered it with M&Ms.

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipeI got the M&M idea from Martha, but mine did not turn out as neat as Martha’s.  Shocked are you?  Even though mine was not as precise as Martha’s, it was still really cute and all that matters is that the birthday boy loved it.

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipeHappy Birthday Clay!

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipeMy cake.  Not sharing.

marshmallow buttercream frosting recipe

Oh alright.  You can have some too.

Marshmallow Buttercream Frosting


  • 1 cup room temperature butter
  • 1 (7-ounce) jar marshmallow creme
  • 2 cups confectioners sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 vanilla bean (optional)


  1. Cream the butter until it is light and fluffy. Add the marshmallow creme.
  2. Whip for 2 minutes.
  3. Add the confectioners sugar and continue to beat for 2 minutes. Add vanilla extract and vanilla bean.

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174 Responses to Marshmallow Buttercream Frosting

  1. Stephanie says:

    Love fluff too, I’m planning on making your funfetti cake with this frosting as you did but I would like to use the vanilla bean version, I have never used vanilla bean. How do I prepare the vanilla bean for the frosting?

  2. Jenn says:

    I have a few questions. Does this icing turn out white or more of an off-white because of the butter? We are throwing a winter themed 1st birthday in a couple weeks. So I was hoping it is white. I am actually making 2 cakes plus some cupcakes. How much icing would I need? The baby’s cake is one of those giant cupcakes. I plan on piping the rose technique on the top, with only a little on the sides because I am making a chocolate “liner”. The other is a 14″ round…Most likely just iced plain with a little trim. Would one batch of the icing be enough for each cake do you think? Can’t wait to try this recipe!! Thanks so much.

    • bakedbree says:

      It pretty white, but if you want super white, add white food coloring. You get about 4 cups of frosting per batch. The rest of the math you will have to do yourself. :)

      • Jenn says:

        Thanks so much for responding. :) If you say it’s white then that should be good…I just didn’t want a yellow tint, know what I mean. It’s hard for me to visualize how much 4 cups would cover. lol But hopefully 2 batches will be enough to cover both cakes. Just curious…how big was the cake you have pictured above? And did you use only 1 batch to ice it? Thanks.

  3. Madhuri says:

    Hi Breed,
    i am a very beginner for baking. i like to try this marshmallow buttercream. can we make marshmallow cream at home? and if you know how it is pls guide me.

  4. Barbra says:

    This looks so fluffy and delicious. I think I will frost my daughter’s birthday cake with this instead of regular buttercream. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. megan says:

    This frosting is great! I just made it to frost pink lemonade cupcakes for a birthday and everyone loved it!! Thanks for sharing your recipes!

  6. Jenn says:

    I finally got a chance to try out this icing and it was awesome!! I ended up not making it for my daughter’s birthday in february. But we made some Easter cupcakes last weekend and it was perfect for the pudding filled chocolate fudge cupcakes!! I was afraid it would be too sweet, but nope…just right! Thanks so much for the great recipe!

  7. Julie says:

    I know this is an older post and I have combed through the comments with the search feature but didn’t see an answer to this question. The post talks about Marshmallow Fluff but the ingredients use Marshmallow Creme. Will it make a difference to the recipe if I use Fluff and not Creme? Being from Massachusetts, where Fluff originated, I’ve only ever used Fluff in recipes, not the Creme, but am willing to try the creme for a change if you think the recipe would suffer. :)

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  9. Rommy Coleman says:

    Hello! real quick question! Im in the process of making this as I type, and I realized, i have no idea which mixer head to use! The standard paddle one? or the one specifically for whipping? Thanks for your help!

  10. Jennifer says:

    I had the same question about the mixer head. I’m getting ready to make it for my son’s birthday and i want to make sure it comes out right, paddle or whisk??? Thanks!!!

    • bakedbree says:

      I used the paddle, you can see it in the pictures.

    • jamie says:

      I made it and it turned out wonderful. It was a little shiny looking but it hardened nicely. I may have added more powdered sugar tho. I just kept adding sugar until the consistency was how I wanted it.

      The funfetti cake was what I was most impressed with! The frosting and cake were a wonderful combo. No box cake ever again!

  11. Jamie says:

    I am wanting to make this frosting.. however i was wondering if it can be smoothed really nicely like regular buttercream icing. I want my cake to to look very smooth. I was hesitant because I was thinking it may be too sticky to smooth down with a paper towel like I normally do. Thanks!!! I plan on making the funfetti cake with it. Sounds delicious!

  12. katie says:

    hi this is a brill idea, just wondering if you’ve ever made it with other flavour marshmallow fluff? I love the strawberry fluff and wondered if you thought that could work as well?
    THANKS 😀

  13. amanda says:

    I am going to attempt this frosting with the funfetti cake for my daughters second birthday party. If i frost the cake the night before, will it stay nice or do you recommend frosting the cake the day of?

    • bakedbree says:

      I almost always make my cakes the day before. They slice better. The frosting protects the cake from getting stale.

  14. teri says:

    Hi… I was wondering two things… first, if this frosting can be colored… second, will it hold up to decorating a cake with the petal design on the sides? if neither, can you recommend a frosting for decorating a cake. Thanks. :)

  15. teri says:

    Thank you… :)

  16. Ashley says:

    I was wondering if you think this frosting will hold up for a party that is too take place outside in later October weather. Thanks.:)

  17. ashley says:

    I plan the on having an outside party for my son in late october. Will the frosting hold up well in cooler weather?

  18. Nicole Shepherd says:

    I just made this because I was intrigued by the marshmallow, but I find it a bit buttery. Maybe that’s just my tastebuds? I’m used to bakery frosting chock full of sugar and shortening, lol.

  19. elise says:

    Hi Bree! I’m planning on making the Hershey’s perfectly chocolate cake whit this frosting, and I would like to frost the cake Friday night and serve it on Saturday or Sunday night. Do I need to refrigerate the cake after frosting it? I would be worried about the frosting “sweating” once I took it out of the fridge…

  20. Nova says:

    Marshmallow creme is over $6 a jar here in Australia if you can get it….makes this a very expensive frosting. There are cheaper frostings that are just as good.

  21. Amanda says:

    How do you make your cakes flat?

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  26. Sherri says:

    I just love this frosting. It’s my go-to now!! I made a chocolate cake and wanted a good chocolate frosting. So I made this up and added a 1/2 cup of coco powder. OMG best chocolate frosting ever!!!

  27. petra says:

    Hi! Just wanted to clarify… when you made this recipe for the Funfetti cake, did you leave the vanilla extract out and replace with 1 teaspoon lemon extract? Or do both? Thanks!

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  31. MLA says:

    Do you think I could make this frosting a day or two in advance of using it?

  32. Sally Hofsess says:

    I have used this frosting many times and it is the best. I am doing a wedding cake in July and want to use this recipe but the only thing is i need it to crust. Would adding more powdered sugaraccomplish that?

    • bakedbree says:

      I really don’t know. I wish that I could be more helpful. I’m thinking that it would. I’d experiment and see.

  33. Stephanie says:

    I love this recipe and has become my go to, thank you for sharing it!! I was just wondering how stable this and how long I would be able to leave it out?

    • bakedbree says:

      I am so glad! Most bakeries keep their cakes at room temperature, but I like mine cold. So I am guessing a day?

  34. Trudy says:

    Okay, so I came across this recipe on buzzfeed a couple days ago looking for the perfect cake to make for my sons 3rd birthday which was today and it was so delicious. Everyone loved it ! The buttercream frosting was so good, and it was my first time ever making a frosting from scratch. Thanks for the recipe my son loved it !

  35. Jen says:

    Such a great frosting. I used this to make a birthday cake for my boyfriend’s daughter last year. She loved it so much I used it again on another cake for her this year.

    Recently I found raspberry fluff in the store. I was curious if I’d be able to use the same ingredients, but swap out the marshmallow creme for the raspberry fluff. I wonder if it would come out just as good. Have you (or anyone) ever tried that before?

    • bakedbree says:

      I am so glad! I’ve never seen raspberry fluff, but my guess? It would be great. I might add a spoonful or two of raspberry jam to really make it raspberry flavored.

  36. Amanda says:

    Hi I was just wondering if I could use margarine or a butter substitute? Or does it have to be butter?

  37. ~Bea~ says:

    I found your recipe for this Marshmallow Buttercream over at Pearls+Girls and was so excited. I had a friend of mine who use to make it years ago and never could get her recipe for some reason so when I saw this I knew I had to come straight over! Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait to try it. I don’t usually buy marshmallows because I LOVE homemade ones! I might have to break down and buy a jar just to try this with since I can’t wait to long to make it…lol..then I will be making my marshmallows and making it that way. I follow you and somehow I have not noticed this recipe before.. I am just glad that I found it NOW!! Being a newbie blogger I love your blog and recipes and the stunning pictures that is what I hope to accomplish.

    • bakedbree says:

      Hi Bea! This frosting is really good, and so easy. I recently found marshmallow extract, and I am going to add a little the next time I make it.

  38. Mischa says:

    HI there – I am planning on making a cake with marshmallow buttercream but all of the recipes I have found have reviews saying that the flavor is not very marshmallow-y. I want a buttercream that tastes just you are eating marshmallow frosting, does yours fit that description? If not, what do you suggest for tweaking the recipe so that it tastes more marshmallow-y? (I am making a s’mores cake so I want the marshmallow to really stand out since thats one of the main ingredients of a s’more) Thanks so much!!!


  39. Whitley says:

    Do you think this would be yummy with peppermint extract for some Christmas cupcakes? Looks like a great frosting either way!! :)

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  42. Lisa says:

    this is a delicious frosting. The first time I made it vanilla with your recipe for funfetti cake made into cupcakes.

    The second time I made the same cake recipe (cupcakes again) as just a white cake plain with no sprinkles in the batter. Then I made this frosting. Reduced the confectioners sugar to 1-1/2 cups. Added a half cup of unsweetened cocoa powder (I used Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa powder). Then added 1/4 tsp of espresso powder. It’s was perfect with the white cake.

    Thank you. This will now be my go to frosting recipe. Plan on adapting it to other favors. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

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