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Happy 2014! The kids finally have their first full day of school today and as much as I enjoyed having them home for almost 3 weeks, I am happy to get back to work. We had the most relaxing, fun, break. We played a lot, cuddled, and just spent a lot of time together. It […]

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I love to order salad in a restaurant. For some reason salad tastes even better when someone else makes it for you. I know that salad is supposed to be fancy these days, with dark greens and things like roasted butternut squash and pistachios running through it. And I do love salad like that too. […]

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So, I just finished watching the series finale of Dexter. I am emotionally spent. I just spent the last 55 minutes with my jaw clenched and my heart racing. I know that Dexter is not for everyone (it is weird to root for a serial killer), but I happened to have loved that show. I […]

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There is a DIY super healthy salad bar chain in DC called Sweetgreen that I love. I could eat there every day and never get tired of it. I always get the same thing – a kale Caesar (hold the tomato) and a green juice for later. One of the biggest surprises from working with […]

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I hope that you had a wonderful Independence Day. We had one of the nicest days. We had planned on taking it easy – we did, but we also played really hard. We spent the afternoon at our neighborhood pool. They had the typical hot dogs and cotton candy, but the highlight for the kids […]

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It seems like the world is becoming a scarier place day by day. It seems like every time I turn on the TV, there is heartbreak and devastation. This week is no different. My heart is heavy for the people of Oklahoma. I don’t really think that there is much that I can say except […]

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While I was in LA for the Pom Wonderful trip, we had a beautiful pomegranate themed dinner at Tavern. In particular, I loved the farro salad with vegetables and pomegranate salsa. While I would never call myself a vegetarian, I tend to eat and cook a lot of vegetarian food. I am always looking for […]

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Even though I have not done much cooking this summer, I do really miss it. I love everything about cooking. Grocery shopping, chopping, mixing, the whole deal. Tonight, I felt like cooking, and I am so glad that I did. My husband has been in DC during the week this summer and coming home on […]

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