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Nothing wows a crowd (or livens up a party) like a signature cocktail. Try these cocktail recipes for brunch, a holiday party, or just because you deserve it. Jingle Juice, Elderflower Spritz, and Rosemary Greyhounds should get you started.

The Original Michelada Recipe

Savor the authentic flavors Mexico with the Michelada,a tangy, savory cocktail. My daughter’s boyfriend invited us over for dinner (brownie points!) and served a drink that I had never tasted. It’s a family favorite, he explained. From the first sip, I could see why. The Michelada is a traditional Mexican drink made with beer, lime …

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Gimlet Recipe (Classic Cocktail!)

Raise your glass with this surprisingly simple yet utterly sophisticated cocktail, the Gimlet. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not masterful. The Gimlet only has a few ingredients, but it’s all about balance and flavor, with the gin and the lime offering a killer combination of spirit, sweet, and sour. But before we dive …

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How to Make a Perfect Midori Sour

Make everyone green with envy with how you’ve perfected the Midori Sour, a vibrant, refreshing cocktail. You can thank the Japanese for this perfect concoction of sweet and sour. Midori (the Japanese word for “green”) is a liqueur made with muskmelon and Yubari (a type of cantaloupe). Although it sounds delicious straight, trust me: you’ll …

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Classic French Martini Recipe

Impress your guests with this Classic French Martini Recipe, a delightful combination of vodka, pineapple juice, and raspberry liqueur Before we dive into the deliciousness of this French Martini, we have to talk about Chambord. According to the mixologist gods, Chambord, a black raspberry liqueur, is required before a drink is officially a French martini. …

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