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We are finishing up our first week of school this week. Two out of three are thrilled and seem very happy in their new classes. The jury is still out on one of my littles. I’m almost positive it is because he is exhausted. The school day is really long and we are in the […]

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I love to grocery shop. When I am traveling, I always make sure to check out the grocery store wherever I am. I love seeing the new products and walking up and down the aisles and being inspired. When I have time, it is one of my favorite things to do. When I don’t have […]

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Most of the time (okay, more than most) I don’t cook using a recipe. And for that reason, I don’t share a lot of what I make with you, even though I really want to. I make some delicious stuff, that’s not a humble brag, it’s true. I don’t share because people like to follow […]

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I seem to have blinked and September is over. This has been the craziest/busiest/most fun month. We have had lots of house guests. It’s funny how people want to visit when you live someplace as nice as Cape Cod. I love it. I like showing off our new hometown and being able to take care […]

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I hope that you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Mine was low key and just how I like it. I stayed in my pj’s and cooked all day. The kids sat at the kitchen table and hung out with me and played Legos as I worked. AND everyone got along. No fighting over whose turn it […]

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A few days a week, I take my laptop and set up shop at the coffee shop down the road. Grounded Coffee has the best soup. Soup is my favorite thing to eat, and their soup never disappoints. They have the normal kinds like chicken noodle, tortilla, and black bean. But every now and again […]

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It might seem like it is all cupcakes and cookies over here, but I promise it isn’t. I really do try to live by the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time we eat really clean, healthy, and with lots of veggies so that 20% of the time, we can indulge in those cupcakes and cookies. […]

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This is my last post chronicling my Flavor Journey with Sargento Cheese. I have loved every minute of working with Sargento and learning about new trends and flavors. My last post in the series is about street food. When I think of American street food, I think of hot dogs, hamburgers, and pizza. Things that […]

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