Pasta is perfect for those occasions when you don’t know what to make. It can be dressed up or dressed down to suit any situation. These pasta recipes are super versatile and usually on the table in no time. Baked pasta recipes, pasta sauces, creamy pasta, you’re covered.

Lasagna Casserole featured image

Lasagna Casserole

Lasagna Casserole: it may not be your Nonna’s layered perfection, but it sure will taste like it! When I crave lasagna, which is (probably too) often, the many hours it takes to prepare usually means I have to postpone sitting down to that cheesy, meaty, noodly goodness because I just don’t have the time to

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Easy Lasagna Recipe featured image focused shot

Easy Lasagna Recipe

Need a doable dish that will impress? This Classic Lasagna is your answer. Lasagna, in various forms, has been around for centuries. The ancient Romans enjoyed their version of it, Medieval cooks churned it out for royal banquets, and in more recent times, American cooks have made it one of the most popular homemade meals

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Mushroom Lasagna top shot

Mushroom Lasagna

Want the earthy heartiness of traditional lasagna without the meat? Mushroom lasagna is a solid vegetarian choice. Lasagna, with its layers of alternating meat sauce and cheese sauce, divided by the lasagna noodles, is a delicious way to feed a crowd. Traditional lasagna is one of the oldest and most popular dishes in Italian cooking,

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Sour Cream Lasagna featured image close up view

Sour Cream Lasagna

Elevate with tang and texture by making this Sour Cream Lasagna—a hearty Italian fave that combines the best of the traditional dish’s marinara meat sauce and pasta alfredo. When I was young, lasagna was all about the meat sauce and pasta. But as good as those layers were, I grew tired of the monotony. Meat

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