Festive Winter Cupcakes

festive winter holiday cupcake decorations

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It’s amazing what you can do to with a few cupcakes decorations to make plain white cupcakes adorable and festive.

Cakes.com asked me to pick out some things on their website and see what I could come up with. You can order cakes through them to pick up at a local bakery, or you can buy cake decorating supplies. I have an entire cabinet in my garage devoted just to sprinkles so it seemed like a good deal to me. Well, I had a ball and my kids were overjoyed with my creations, so I call that a win. I decided to go with a “winter” theme. I love how they turned out.

cakes.com cake decorating supplies

My kids are kind of spoiled when it comes to bringing cupcakes to school. I’ll make them anything they want and will Pinterest-obsess over decorations. I love doing it, and it is something that I look forward to when their birthdays roll around every year. Recently they have been asking me to buy them from the grocery store. Can you hear my heart breaking? I was so hurt. Why don’t they want my cupcakes? Do they taste bad? Are my decorations sub-par? 

When I wiped away my tears, I finally got the courage to ask why they preferred grocery store cupcakes over mine. 

It’s all. about. the. rings. They love the rings they put in those cupcakes. So when I was browsing the cakes.com website I saw that I could buy the rings. What?!?!

Game changer my friends. I can still make cute cupcakes AND they get the rings. I have no idea why it never occurred to me to just buy rings.

penguin cupcakes

I baked a batch of vanilla cupcakes with my favorite buttercream recipe. For this cupcake, I used sugar penguins and snowmen, North Pole sticks, and a little white edible glitter to make it look like snow. (This one is my favorite, I just think that it is so cute.)

gift cupcake decorations

The presents were Will’s favorite. I found these cute little red polka dot cupcake liners at the grocery store. These are smaller than a regular cupcake, and I love the size. I just dusted the edges with red and green sanding sugar and added a bow ring. Adorable, and took 2 extra minutes.

mitten cupcakes

Mitten cupcakes. I used a large round tip to pipe the frosting, added the sugar mittens, and sprinkled a generous amount of snow all over. (I used a mix of blue and white edible glitter.)

polar bear cupcakes

For these guys, I used a ice cream scoop to make a mound on top of the cupcake. Then I rolled it in coconut, added polar bear and penguin rings, and a North Pole stick.

snowflake cupcakes

I love all white. And I love snow. So I love these snowy cupcakes. These are so simple, but so pretty and elegant. I used a large star tip to pipe the frosting (tip – a push a wooden spoon handle through the tip to make the opening wider, I like the way the piping looks better than when the opening is tight.) Sugar snowflakes and some edible white glitter was all I needed to make these beauties.

polar bear fun cupcakes

I had some extra sugar decorations, so I made these polar bears playing in the snow. How cute are they?

piping bag rolls

This is a complete aside, but where have these rolls of piping bags been all my life? I use piping bags for a lot of things and I really never understood the packaging. They are a nightmare to get out and put back into the box. I ordered this roll of piping bags and I’ll never use anything else again. 

festive winter cupcake ideas

Thank you Cakes.com for sponsoring this post and letting me play in the kitchen. It was definitely fun and inspired me to do the same in my children’s classrooms for their holiday parties this week.

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Congratulations Becky! Cookies and Cream are my favorite too!

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  1. grace

    great giveaway! it’s hard to pick a favorite, but i LOVE coconut. some toasted coconut piled on top of a mound of fluffy frosting is key.

  2. Mary W.

    Your cupcakes are adorable. I like carrot cake cupcakes, but my kids are all about vanilla, vanilla cake, vanilla frosting.

  3. Amanda H.

    Adorable cupcakes–love the polar bears! My favorite is vanilla (golden) with milk chocolate frosting

  4. Alexe

    These look delish Bree! You are so talented. My fav cupcake (if I had to choose!) is snickerdoodle!

  5. Nicol

    I love chocolate cupcakes with vanilla butter cream frosting. I had the same dilemma w my kids wanting the store bought cupcakes. I’ll definitely be picking up some cupcake rings!

  6. Cynthia CP


  7. Constance Wheeler

    I love all your cupcake designs!! Great ideas! It’s hard to pick my favorite altho’ I’m a chocolate lover so I would imagine it would be maybe a german chocolate with all the coconut and I’d put on some sliced almonds.

  8. Paige Staar

    My fav are actually YOUR Baileys Guinness Jameson Cupcakes!!! I have made them so many times and are the BEST adult cupcakes!!!! I just made them for a Christmas party last week and they were a huge hit along with my homemade Baileys to wash them down!!! Merry Christmas Bree..Hope you are loving the Cape!!!!


    My very favorite cupcake is Lemon Lemoncello that I find in New Orleans at Brennan’s. They are rarely on their menu but when they are, ooohhhhh, so good. Excuse me I must find a napkin to wipe “the drool

  10. JulieD

    These are so cute, Bree! I love me a good chocolate cupcake!

  11. Leann G.

    It’s hard to beat a plain ‘ol vanilla cupcake with vanilla icing! I can never turn one down!

  12. Paige

    My favorite Cupcake is chocolate with cream cheese frosting.

  13. Joyce

    Chocolate all the way……..

  14. Michelle

    I love earl grey cupcakes!

  15. Bianca @ Sweet Dreaming

    red velvet!

  16. Margaret

    I love the classic vanilla cake with buttercream frosting! YUM

  17. Neena

    These cupcakes are so cute! I love all cupcakes, but for me it’s all about the frosting! The cake part is good, but I’m crazy about delicious frosting, sprinkles and all of the extras on top!

  18. Phyllis

    Carrot with cream cheese frosting.

  19. Becky

    It’s a hard pick, but I’m going to go with cookies and cream 🙂

  20. Sarah

    What an adorable giveaway! I love your cupcake decorations! My favorite cupcakes would have to be coconut!

  21. Shari Keen

    Your cupcakes are adorable…….my favorite kind of cupcake is anything coconut.

  22. June G.

    What darling decorations! I love making homemade treats for school, these are perfect. Sadly, schools seem to be moving toward no homemade goodies:( I love a yummy, German chocolate cupcake!

  23. J S


  24. Candace

    It’s a toss-up between coconut & carrot! I don’t think I’ve ever met a cupcake I didn’t like!

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