Black Forest Trifles

black forest trifle recipe

Things are crazy here at Baked Bree Headquarters (AKA – my house). I am in the purge/clean/donate/purge some more mode getting ready for the movers to come in the next couple of weeks. It felt like it would never get here and then this morning I realized that I have two weeks. Eek! I am avoiding the grocery store as much as I can and am trying to use up things in my pantry and freezer. I had a few bags of frozen cherries and a lot of cocoa powder and made individual Black Forest Trifles. (I think that I buy cocoa every other time I go to the store because I am positive that I don’t have any. Turns out I have about 4 containers.) These are delicious and cherry season is quickly upon us.

Here are some random things that I have found interesting lately:

1. These birds eye view pictures blow my mind. I especially love the tulip fields.

2. I’ve been thinking a lot about our dream home lately. I am going to make a lot better choices about plug placement after finding this article. (And how posh are your dogs to have a fancy dog bath like that one?)

3. My friend Quigley (who happens to be one of the most loving and fun people on Earth, I adore her) recently traveled with a friend (the talented Hailey Bartholomew) to India with a combined 6 children. I have watched this video that Hailey made of their trip about 10 times and am amazed at the natural beauty of India and am super jealous of  how much fun it looks like they had. It also makes me want to try my hand at making a video with my DSLR.

Tips on travelling in India! (with 6 kids!) from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

4. Quigley also got me hooked on YoungLiving oils. I have used oils for cleaning and to make my house smell good for years, but I particularly love these. Peace and Calming, peppermint, Thieves, lemon, I use them all. the. time. My kids now ask me to rub them into their feet every night before bed. I also have been using the oils when I get headaches, and I always feel better. We are going to give them a stab for husband during allergy season. He can’t take meds since he is a pilot, so we are always looking for different ways to help him deal with his horrible allergies.

5. If you have another 6 minutes, this dance video is worth a watch. How long they had to have practiced astounds me. I can’t dance at all, these kids blow my mind. Amazing.

6. Moving any time soon? Knowing anyone that is? I list my favorite moving tips and tricks here.

7. What I’m listening to on repeat. I missed you Lily. (P.S. Lily is my favorite artist to cook to. Not always appropriate, but so smart and fun.)

Have an amazing weekend.

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