Want to know a secret? Chicken can be anything you want it to be. Your options are limitless when making chicken the centerpiece of your meal. Try these delicious chicken recipes, you won’t regret it. Kelly’s Overnight Chicken, Baked Balsamic Chicken, and Chicken Bacon Cheddar Sandwiches are just some ideas to get you started. 

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Chicken Gumbo Recipe

Add some zest to your weeknight dinner with Chicken Gumbo: a stovetop dinner full of flavor and warmth! Bringing together elements of West African, French, Spanish, and Native American Choctaw cuisine, gumbo is so beloved by Louisianans that it’s their state dish. It’s easy to see why: the roux (a cooked mixture of flour and […]

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Baked Lemon Chicken

Want a main dish that looks fancy but is super easy to put together? Baked Lemon Chicken is a perfect choice. Lemon and chicken go together beautifully – the chicken absorbs all the sunny flavor of the lemon, and in turn the lemon’s strength is complemented by the warm, juicy chicken breast. It is a

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Gumbo Recipe

The melting pot of American cultures comes together to make this show-stopping Louisiana classic. Of all American foods, perhaps Gumbo best represents the melting pot of cultures that came together to create it. It’s like a perfect mixture of the local influences in Louisiana at the time, and is a core dish in the Cajun/Creole

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Broiled Chicken Breast

Back to basics, with a taste that’s anything but basic: Broiled Chicken Breasts make a fast, easy main dish. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts have many plusses: lean, flavorful meat that you can buy prepackaged – just dump onto your cutting board to chop or into your prepared pan or oven dish to cook whole. However,

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