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I bought myself a new little gadget the other day. I have been wanting an ice cream maker for a long time. When I was a kid, my grandfather bought me a little Donvier ice cream maker that I loved more than anything. It was small and pink and had a cute little hand crank. I remember going to the Ben and Jerry’s factory and buying the cookbook and bringing it home and making my favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavors. As a teenager, I worked in a little ice cream parlor and made ice cream there. I guess you can say that this is not my first go-around with ice cream making. Even after working in an ice cream shop for 7 years, I never once got tired of eating ice cream. Ice cream is probably my all time favorite thing.

vanilla ice cream recipes


I made a mistake. I made a batch of vanilla ice cream and took the pictures of us making it but not eating it. I then made cookies and cream ice cream and only took pictures of us eating it not making it. Oops. But it was way too good to not share both recipes with you. So you get two for the price of one today folks.

ice cream recipes1 1/2 cups whole milk
1 1/8 cups sugar
3 cups heavy cream
1 Tablespoon vanilla
1 vanilla bean split and seeded (for the vanilla bean recipe)
15 Oreos crushed (for the Cookies and Cream recipe)

ice cream recipesPut the milk in the bowl of the mixer. Add the sugar and mix until the sugar is dissolved, about 3 minutes.

ice cream recipesAdd in the cream, vanilla, and vanilla bean.

ice cream recipesPour the mixture into the ice cream machine. Follow the directions that came with your ice cream maker. Mine says to turn it on and let it go for about 25 minutes. If you are adding in Oreos, wait until the last 5 minutes to add them to the machine.

ice cream recipesLet the machine do its thing.

vanilla ice cream recipesWhile you are waiting for your ice cream to freeze, treat your dad as your personal jungle gym.

cookies and cream ice cream recipesDon’t forget to get in on the action.

cookies and cream ice cream recipesPut the ice cream into a container and put it into the freezer to continue freezing.

home made ice cream recipesMy kids are way into the ice cream making. We have made 4 flavors already for the birthday party this weekend. I have so many ideas in my head to make, it is a good thing that the bowl needs a good 24 hours to re-freeze otherwise we would have a big problem.

I posted that I was making ice cream on Facebook and a few people asked me about the machine that I bought. I really like it so far. The bowl makes 2 quarts. The bowl freezes solid in 24 hours, but it could probably be used again in about 6-8 if you wanted to make 2 kinds in one day. I really like that the cord can be tucked up inside the machine so the cord doesn’t hang out. It is not the quietest machine, but who cares? It makes ice cream. I’ll suffer through anything for some ice cream.

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  • I love ice cream. The last homemade batch I made was super grainy though. I’m guessing your recipe will turn out nice and creamy.

    • this was really smooth and creamy. I mixed it for awhile before I put it into the machine.

  • Oh, my good god Bree. Looks like heaven. Remember I used to say I wanted an ice cream maker but refused to buy one for the simple reason I would likely weigh about 500 lbs. I LOVE ice cream and that just looks decadent! Yumm! Lucky Wes and kids!

    • I am almost there! It is really fun though. We made 4 kinds and saved it for Clay’s birthday yesterday. So I really didn’t eat it. Tonight I made a caramel sauce so who knows… maybe I will indulge later.

  • Great recipe. I want to try making this. You cant get oreo cookie ice cream here in the UK, so maybe i should make it myself… and eat it myself LOL. Looks so yummy.
    Ice cream is my fav treat too.
    Have a great weekend.
    *kisses* HH

    • I would really miss my Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. It is a delicious treat and my favorite flavor.

  • I love your site! Ice Cream looks sooo good and I want some now! 🙂 I will try your recipe..Its about time I buy an Ice Cream maker! Also your kids are Adorable!!!

  • Oh, I love the first shot of your little son holding the ice cream cone!! Too cute! I think I’ve made this flavor before, well both of them. Looks great!

  • Oh, I’ve never needed to use my stand mixer to mix the ingredients. It is easier to just use a whisk unless you want an excuse to use the mixer hehe, which I completely understand hah!

  • Knowing how kickass you are, I bet you could make an awesome jalapeno sort of ice cream. Cold but with the heat. Let me know if you need a taste tester. 😉

  • These photos are just too cute!

    I love your review of the ice cream maker. I’d suffer through anything for some ice cream too 😀 I used to work at DQ and, although it’s not the same caliber as hand dipped stuff, I never got sick of ice cream, either!

    • thanks! You were awesome on Martha. Where you scared? I am thinking about making a red, white and blue version of the rainbow cake for 4th of July.

  • I made this last night!! and my husband said it was the best ice cream we’ve made in our ice cream maker!!

  • Bree,
    I have now made Cookies n Cream and Brown Sugar based off of your recipes. As I said in my email, I now blame you for the ten pounds I gained this weekend.

    WONDERFUL recipes.

  • Oh, question – do you need an actual vanilla bean or can you substitute with a second TBLS of vanilla? Them beans are spendy! I paid $13.49 for one bean at my grocery store. Is that typical?

    • of course you can substitute. Yes, vanilla beans can be pretty pricey. I have had luck at World Market finding them for less.

  • Kool i just got an ice cream maker for christmas i am ginna try your recipe!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m christening my new kitchedaid ice cream bowl with this recipe. I just snuck a taste of the unfrozen mix and DIED. I’m tempted to drink it! My niece will be so excited to have it tomorrow with the Oreo mix in. Thank you so so much!

    • Congratulations on the new addition to your family! And I am so glad that you like the ice cream so much.

  • Just made this and all I’ve gotta say is YUM!! However, my honey n I noticed it kinda left a film on the spoon/our lips. Is this a result of the heavy whipping cream?

  • Thanks for sharing the recipe. My wife and I made this last night, and wanted to tell you it was incredibly delicious! I noticed when eating it I tasted a milky film across my tongue, we’re thinking it was the 3 cups of heavy cream.

    Did you notice this? Do you think the same recipe would work with lighter cream or half n half?


    • I don’t think that I did, but I also posted this about 4 years ago. 🙂 You can play around with the ratio of milk and cream if you want. You can also search the site, I have a few other ice cream recipes that are custard based and they might be more your speed.


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