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My new favorite apple pie recipe from Anna Olson. A fool-proof pie crust recipe with a secret ingredient to ensure no soggy bottoms. Perfectly spiced and scrummy. Apple Pie is my favorite kind of pie, hands down. I have been making the same apple pie recipe for almost 15 years. My friend Mary Jane brought it […]

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Enjoy the end of summer with slices of cold and refreshing Bailey’s Irish Cream Pie. A simple dessert that is a make-ahead crowd pleaser.  Where did the summer go? When we moved to the new house earlier this summer, we moved to a new town. The kids have to switch schools and I just assumed […]

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Mini Cherry Almond Hand Pies are a cross between a cookie and a pie. Change out the fruit to make any kind of hand pie you like.  A lot of times when I bake, I bake in bulk. What I mean is that if I am working on a project or something for a client, […]

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Maple Bourbon Custard Pie needs to make an appearance on your Thanksgiving table. Creamy custard with maple syrup, bourbon, and spices.  8 days until my favorite holiday! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love everything about it. It’s about being together with your friends and family. Good food. No pressure. No gifts. It’s a chill […]

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The Best Apple Pie recipe from King Arthur Flour. Golden Delicious and Honeycrisp apples with cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, cider, and a touch of rum. Served with bourbon and vanilla bean caramel sauce. I take my apple pie very seriously. It is one of my absolute favorite things to make and eat. When I was flipping […]

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A Cat Cora recipe that I got on the Princess 4-Day West Coast Culinary Cruise. Tropical fruit tart with a crisp tart shell filled with ginger vanilla pastry cream and topped with tropical fruit.  You know how certain memories are etched in your brain forever? I remember being little, maybe 4-5, and being at my […]

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I have been on a big quiche kick lately. There is a great little coffee shop in Woods Hole called Pie In The Sky that makes my favorite quiche around. The crust is a little sweeter than what I would normally use for a quiche, but that is why I love their quiche so much. […]

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We have been enjoying some time with family in NJ this week while we wait to meet up with our household goods in Massachusetts. The weather has been perfect and we have spent lots of time at the beach and pool. Wes and I left the kids with my mom and we spend the night […]

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