DIY Gift Card Snow Globe

DIY Gift Card Snow Globe

DIY Gift Card Snow Globe – How to make a snow globe. An adorable presentation to gift a gift card. A mason jar, glitter, glue gun and that’s all you need.

I originally made this snow globe for the now defunct The Creative Mama in 2010. I get questions about it every year, so I figured it was time to update the pictures. I think that my daughter was 4 in that picture? And now she is in 3rd grade, how time flies. (And I bow down to the all-mighty power of Pinterest.)

I made this snow globe project to jazz up a gift card that I was giving to one of her teachers. As much as I love gifting (and getting) a gift card, opening one can be a little anti-climatic. You stick one in an envelope and call it a day. And since it was for her teacher I wanted to make it extra special. This is really easy to do (the hardest part is finding cute small decorations) and takes a couple of minutes. You can set up an assembly line and get a bunch done all in one shot. The recipient oohs and aahs when you hand one of these over to them. Taking the time to make a gift card look beautiful shows the person how much you care about them.

So the #1 question I get is…. does the water ruin the gift card? In my experience, it does not. I have done this many, many, times and the card always has remained intact. Obviously, only use plastic cards, no paper. The cashier can always manually type in the numbers if it didn’t scan. To be safe, you could snap a picture on your phone to preserve the numbers, but I don’t think that is necessary. And this is just for presentation, I wouldn’t leave the cards in the water for months, maybe just a few days. You could also buy a baseball card holder from a hobby shop. It will keep the card dry. I left this one in for a week. No problems.

#2. My jar leaks. Help! Make sure to use a mason jar with a screw lid. It would be great to recycle a jam or pickle jar, but it most likely won’t have a tight enough seal. A mason jar is designed to hold liquids, so it is the safest bet.

#3 My card won’t stand up, it keeps floating away. You need to use hot glue. I discovered the beauty of a hot glue gun when I was a teacher. We could adhere things to the concrete walls and it would stay put and at the end of the year we would gently peel it off the wall without doing any damage.

DIY Gift Card Snow Globe

You will need:

  • mason jar
  • glitter
  • hot glue gun
  • decorations
  • ribbon
  • gift card
  • water

DIY Gift Card Snow Globe

Put glitter and decorations in the bottom of a mason jar.

DIY Gift Card Snow Globe

Hot glue a gift card standing up in the lid.

DIY gift card snow globe

I like to put a generous amount on the back to ensure that it stands up.

diy gift card snow globe

Fill jar with water.

DIY gift card snow globe

Tightly screw the lid onto the jar. Turn upside down.

DIY gift card snow globe

Tie a ribbon around the bottom. It’s as easy as that!

DIY gift card snow globe

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