Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Teens

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Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples only. It’s a beautiful day when all love gets celebrated. Love is in the air, love is everywhere! We have a tradition at home where we gift each other something on this day. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, expensive, or complicated – we believe in the gesture of showing appreciation to our loved ones through a gift. Usually, it’s something they will be grateful for or find useful and keep for a long time. It’s truly the thought that counts! If you don’t have such a tradition in your family, it’s never too late to start. With this in mind – below are some of my favourite gifts for our kids.

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Teen Girls

1- Silk Pillowcase

Your loved ones deserve a silky-smooth surface to rest their heads on, and this mulberry silk pillow will do just the job. Aside from feeling softer than a baby’s backside and providing protection for your hair and skin, it also adds a nice decorative touch to any teen girl’s room. 

2- UGG Slippers

These sheepskin boots are the perfect solution to freezing toes this winter. Teen girls will love wearing these around the house, but they can also wear them outdoors as they are water resistant. Why walk around in socks when you can be walking on a cloud? (Not literally, but these may be the next best thing.)

3- Heart-Shaped Bath Bombs

This set of heart-shaped bath bombs is to die for! Have some bubbly fun with six unique scents: rainbow sherbet, citrus, fruit loops, berry, grape, and tropical fruits. Yes, some bath bombs can be harmful but not these ones. They are made with natural ingredients that are safe for your skin and will create a whole new experience around bath time. 

4- Palette

This makeup kit provides matte and neutral shades, making it a great set for everyday use. It comes with a mirror, so teens can keep it in their purse to use on the go. Buyers of this palette love that it stays on all day with no smudges, even without a primer!

5- Lipstick – Glossier Cloud Paint

This pretty little tube of rose gel cream will certainly put a smile on her face. A more glamorous smile, that is. The lipstick is designed to be user friendly, with many using it as a lip tint, but it also does a great job at keeping your teen’s cheeks looking youthful and rosy. 

6- Blisslight Sky

If your teen often has trouble falling asleep, this could be a great Valentine’s Day gift for them. This LED light will create a relaxing atmosphere in her room, facilitating sleep. During the day it can also be used to create ambience and jazz up her bedroom. 

7- Rose Teddy Bear

Why choose between a teddy bear and a rose when you can gift both with this handmade rose teddy bear. Combining two of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts, the rose teddy bear is sure to put a smile on her face. It’s one of those gifts that she can use to decorate her bed, and you can bet she will keep it for a long time.

8- Hug in a Mug

With this super-cute mug, she will be reminded of your love and appreciation every single morning. And we bet it will become her favorite mug in the house. Who doesn’t love a great hug? It’s warm and comforting, just like a good cup of tea on a cold winter’s day. 

Teen Boys

9- Basket for Room

Let your teen boy go wild with his imagination and dunk like Michael Jordan in the comfort of his room. Easy to assemble and shatter-proof, it is the perfect gift for basketball lovers and hyper teens. Thankfully, it’s quiet, so he won’t bother the entire house while shooting hoops with his friends in his room.

10- Fan Gear

Basketball-obsessed teen boys will love to rep their colours with these comfortable, NBA-licensed long-sleeve T-shirts. Made from stretchy polyester material, they can be worn on the court, at the game, or on the couch. They are not baggy or too tight, but are soft and highly breathable.

11- Chocolate Game Controller

If your teen is an avid video gamer (and most are), they will love this unique chocolate treat that is shaped like a GameCube controller. Of course, the chocolate is edible, but he might prefer to keep it as decoration. Because how many times in his life will he receive such a delicious old-school controller?

12- Bucket List Book

This book full of adventures has info on the best activities and hotspots for aspiring travelers. We love how teens are curious about the world around them, and this will allow them to dream about future trips to far-away places. If your boy already has a huge bucket list, just watch it get longer, and longer … and longer.

13- Scratch-off poster 

This original gift is made for our future Scorseses and DiCaprios. Or simply for boys who love film. Your teen will love scratching off movie after movie, watching the highly rated classics that he might have missed out on. Made from premium materials, this awesome poster is designed to last.

14- LED Neon Sign Decor

If your teen boy has been wanting to decorate his room, there is no better gift you can give them this Valentine’s Day. This LED neon sign decor shaped like a controller can be seen day and night and will illuminate your boy’s room, mimicking the lights you see at arcades. You can bet his friends will ask him where he got it from! 

15- Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Is there any teen boy out there who isn’t blasting tunes off his Bluetooth speaker in his room? We love this model from a reputable brand as it’s compact, it packs a punch and the sound quality is fantastic. This travel speaker can go on for 10 hours on a single charge, and it’s both waterproof and dustproof. What more could you want?

16- Lego Set

There is perhaps no toy more iconic than Lego. At this point, it’s likely that Lego will never go out of fashion. If your boy has a keen interest in the automotive world, this Lego set will be more than just a toy for him. It features the detailed parts of a McLaren, allowing him to learn how a supercar functions.

Bonus: Standard Presents

Chocolate Box

If nothing on our list tickled your fancy, you can always go with a tried-and-true chocolate box, a simple, unisex gift. This beautiful chocolate box is likely to be guzzled down in minutes by teen boys and girls alike. It feels impossible to limit yourself to just one piece!

Campus Cube

Sticking with the chocolate theme, this campus cube features 18 individually wrapped milk chocolate bars to be consumed by your teen and his friends (and family, if you’re lucky!). It’s a perfect gift because everyone likes chocolate. Also, it comes packaged in a beautiful box. Trick or treat? Oh wait, no, I’ve got the wrong holiday. 

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