Best Gifts for Tween and Teen Girls

Best Gifts for Tween and Teen Girls – gifts the teen and tween girls in your life are going to want to open. No eye rolls in sight.

Best Gifts for Tween and Teen Girls

Buying gifts for teenage girls are so much easier than buying things for teen boys. I love my boys, but my daughter is so much easier to buy presents for. Well, that’s not really fair. Buying her gifts is just more fun for me. The boy’s stuff is less colorful and well, not really my speed.

She is 15 now, likes her room to be cute, arts and crafts, appreciates a beauty product, and cute accessories. She loves Harry Styles, cozy things, painting, playing her instruments, and because of the state of the world, spends a lot of time at home.

These gifts are teen girl approved and will most likely not get you an eye roll or an “ew, mom, gross” on Christmas morning or on a birthday. I can’t promise that though, teen girls are highly unpredictable. Delightful, but unpredictable.

Ava (my 15-year-old) and I had a lot of fun putting this list together. We picked things in a lot of different price ranges, and while some are obvious, we tried to pick some things that are a little different and unique. This is a great post to send to an aunt or uncle and grandparents for some gift ideas.

If you are looking for stocking stuffer ideas, I have you covered.

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Best Gifts for Tween and Teen Girls //

All gifts can be purchased on Amazon, my preferred way to shop. I don’t even need to put on pants.

We originally wrote this post in 2018, and updated it for 2020. We tried to pick items that were in stock and would make it in time for holiday delivery.

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If you want to just head to my Amazon store, click on the links below. I curated my favorite items into a one-stop shop.

Gifts for Teen and Tween Girls

Gifts for Teen and Tween Boys

Stocking Stuffers for Teens and Tweens

My Favorite Holiday Things

Gifts They Will Love Getting //

  1. Hot Air Brush – Ava and I fight over this and I need to buy her her own. This tool has a cult-like status for a good reason. Our hair looks like we had salon blowouts whenever we use it.
  2. Eye Makeup Brushes – She spends hours watching YouTube videos and practicing eye looks. You can never go wrong with some makeup brushes. These are affordable and high-quality.
  3. Essential Oil Diffuser – We love to diffuse essential oils and this diffuser is cute and changes colors.
  4. Hatch Restore – We’re trying to keep the phones out of our rooms at night, and this is helping. Teen sleep is so important. It’s a reading light, sound machine, alarm clock, and more.
  5. iPad Keyboard – With online school being on the iPad having a keyboard just makes life easier.
  6. Aurora Night Light – We have a couple of these and my kid’s all still sleep with them every night.
  7. Style Station – My kids share a bathroom and the struggle is real. The boys are OVER the straightener and curling iron being on the counter every day. You can store hot styling tools in this and keep it semi-organized.
  8. Brush Pens – These are great for hand lettering. Beautiful colors and don’t dry out easily. I buy these as gifts all the time.
  9. Noise Cancelling Headphones – With online school and so much time at home, we all could use a little quiet. Sometimes I wear mine and nothing is playing.
  10. LED Lights – Are you a teen if you don’t have LED lights around the perimeter of your room?
  11. Friendship Bracelet Kit – We re-discovered how soothing and fun it is to make friendship bracelets. We spent hours and hours and hours doing this. We like this kit because it had a clip that holds your bracelet in place while you are tying your knots.
  12. Charging Station – We have one of these in the kitchen and it’s a good place to put all the devices to sleep at night.
  13. Mini Mini Fridge – Whether to keep a couple of drinks cold in your room or your skincare, these teeny fridges are adorable. These are great for face masks and I love how these girls are getting into skincare early.
  14. Instax Camera and film – These little cameras are so cute and take great pictures. Ava makes collages and hangs the pictures all over her room and tapes them into her journals and notebooks.
  15. Rainbow Letterboard – We love all things rainbow and thought this letterboard was so cute.
  16. Makeup Brush Cleaner – It’s really important to keep your makeup brushes clean. For the sake of your brushes, but also for your skin.
  17. Laptop Desk – Kids don’t watch movies or TV on TVs, they watch on their phones or laptop.
  18. Hair Dryer – My hairstylist told me that you need to use high-quality hair tools for the sake of your hair. Invest in a good hairdryer and it will last for years and years.
  19. Fake Vines or Ivy Wall – Also very trendy in the teen decor space.
  20. Lightbox – Still super popular and really fun to send messages on Tik Tok and Instagram.
  21. Acrylic Make Up Drawers – We have purchased so many of these in different sizes and shapes. I even have put them in the dishwasher to clean them, they are great.
  22. Comfortable Face Masks – Can we have a gift guide this year without a mask on it? These are reusable, affordable, and you can wear them to school and they don’t hurt after wearing them all day.
  23. Karaoke Microphone – This was the most popular gift of 2017 and still a winner year after year. Her brothers HATE it, which makes her love it that much more. We have given so many of these as gifts. Always a hit.
  24. Midliners – You can never go wrong with any of the Midliner products. Highlighters, fine line pens, markers, they are the best.
  25. Light Up Mirror – Good light is key when putting on makeup so it looks natural. This mirror is great, it also has magnification so you can get your eyeliner perfect.
  26. Nail Dryer – No more smudged nails. This changes your at-home nail game. We’ve gotten so much better at doing our own nails and this makes a world of difference.
  27. Gouache Paint Set – Gouache is an opaque watercolor paint. Ava loves to paint and does it almost every day. This is a great set.
  28. Disco Lights – You just never know when you need a dance party, and these lights get you in the mood.
  29. Microwave Popcorn Popper – Can you binge Netflix without popcorn? Do you really want to? Now you don’t have to.
  30. Clip-on Ring Light – Aren’t we all just trying to find our light these days? Let’s make it just a little easier for our girls.
  31. Salt Lamp – At the top of Ava’s Santa list this year. Her room is her sanctuary and calming space, a salt lamp is healing and beneficial for good energy.
  32. Scrunchies – You can never have enough scrunchies.
  33. Vintage Bluetooth Speaker – You need something to stream Harry Styles 24/7.
  34. Fairy Lights – Also big in the teen decor space, fairy lights are warm and glowy and super cute.
  35. Stylus – If you do any work at all on a tablet you will have your life changed when you use a stylus. This was a gamechanger when we started online school.
  36. Terrarium Kit – These felt succulents are so cute. They double as something to do and something cute for your room. We’ve done a million kits this year and they are always a hit.
  37. Ukulele – I bought a uke for Ava a few Christmases ago and since then she has taught herself how to play the uke, the guitar, and the piano. It was the catalyst for wanting to learn to play instruments.
  38. Washi Tape – You can use washi tape for so many things. We use it for our bullet journals, calendars to block out days, to hang things, for packaging gifts, it’s the handiest thing ever.
  39. Wet bag – The MVP of this list. I discovered these when my kids took swimming lessons one winter. You can put anything wet into them and they don’t get the rest of your stuff wet. We always travel with these, they also are great for running clothes. A new thing they are great for – dirty face masks.

More Teen Gift Ideas //

Best Gifts for Tween and Teen Girls

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  1. Jessica Reed

    Bree, Thank you so much for this list! I have a tween grand daughter and am not so up to date on what is hot these days. So helpful!!!

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    This list is awesome! Now I just need one for boys! ???

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    i’m a teen myself and this really helped me put things on my list
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    This list is amazing i love your blog plus i’m a teen baker.

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  6. Yvonne

    I find your lists so helpful every year. I have 17 year old twins (boy/girl) and my son just doesn’t want stuff either. Thank you so much!!

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      You are so welcome. They are tough to shop for. I would never buy them clothes. Well, I could buy the boys clothes and they would wear them, but I would not even try to buy them for my daughter.

  7. Debby West

    THANK YOU!!! I have a 15-year old grandson and I never know what to send him for a birthday or a Christmas gift. The granddaughters are easy but my grandson is a challenge. I LOVE your list for teen age boys. Christmas shopping for him is now complete. You are an angel! Merry Christmas to you and your dear family.

    1. Bree Hester

      Excellent! Merry Christmas to you as well.

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    After read your blog, I got some amazing ideas for gifting Teen girls and it’s really nice collection. I impressed by your ideas and i will share this with my social media friends. Keep posting!

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