Best Gifts for Tween and Teen Girls

Best Gifts for Tween and Teen Girls – gifts the teen and tween girls in your life are going to want to open. No eye rolls in sight.

Best Gifts for Tween and Teen Girls

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Buying gifts for teenage girls is slightly easier than buying things for teen boys. However, teen girls can be a bit of a mystery and somewhat difficult to understand. They grow up so much faster than boys: they are little girl one day and little women the next. And the things they want and care for change with the same speed. So if you feel lost trying to navigate the likes and dislike of a teen girl we feel your pain.

In this post we have included 40 gifts we think she will love.

Included in this guide:

Art, Music and Crafts

1- Washi Tape

Washi tape is very versatile – girls can use it for so many things, the list is endless! Top of mind examples are bullet journals, calendars to block out days, decor and why not it can be used to hang things, or to package gifts etc… they are so useful and make everything look nicer.

2- Gouache Paint Set

Gouache is an opaque watercolor paint. This is the perfect gift for girls who love art and need a creative outlet. It differs from acrylics or watercolour (which are probably the most common painting techniques) so it’s the perfect gift for learning a new skill.

3- Tie-dye Kit

Another gift for the most creative girls out there. Tie-dye kits became popular on TikTok and are a great and fun way to create unique, personalized and colorful clothing items ,

4- Karaoke Microphone

Karaoke microphones were quite popular a couple of years ago and we feel the craze isn’t over yet! It’s great for building vocal skills and for singing along her favorite hits. It can be used for solos or with friends and family.

5- 3D Drawing Pen

We recommended this mighty pen for teen boys too. We just love it too much and think it makes a great gift. It unlocks imagination and… its just really cool! This particular bundle includes the Super 3D Pen, PLA filament refills and a mat kit.

6- Ukulele

A Ukulele makes a cool gift for those who love music. It’s small, easy to learn without proper lessons. For those who are not yet playing an instrument, it can be the chance to get closer to music and, why not, the catalyst for wanting to learn to play instruments.

7- Vintage Bluetooth Speaker

Are you even a teen if you do not own a Bluetooth speaker that blasts music at every hour of the day and night? We particularly like this vintage model: it’s light, has a great design and sounds great too!

8- Sewing Machine

It’s no surprise that our teens are more and more concern with climate change and materials waste (and rightly so!). Also thanks to TikTok and the concept of circular economy, lots of teens now want to make or amend their own clothes now. This sewing machine is the best option for every beginner looking into “living more green”

Beauty and Wellbeing

9- Eye Makeup Brushes

Some girls like to spend time watching YouTube videos and practicing eye looks. You can never go wrong with some makeup brushes. These are affordable and high-quality.

10- Makeup Brush Cleaner

If she is into makeup but already has every gadget out there why not thinking about how to make sure her tools stay great and healthy. For example, it’s really important to keep makeup brushes clean. For the sake of her brushes, but also for her skin.

11- Hot Air Brush

This tool has a cult-like status for a good reason. Hair will look like she had a salon blowouts whenever she uses it.

12- Acrylic Make Up Drawers

Let’s be honest, teens aren’t famous for being tidy and/or organized. These useful drawers will help keeping things organized. The design is great, the material is sturdy and they are quite spacious. We definitely recommend them!

13- Light Up Mirror

Good lighting is key when putting on makeup so that it looks natural. The lights in this mirror are just great. It also has magnification so she can get your eyeliner perfect and it closes up and can be stored away when not in use.

14- Nail Dryer

No more smudged nails. This changes her at-home nail game for the better. She can pick the gels and colors she likes best and have her manicure directly in her bedroom saving time and money!

15- Hair Dryer

Hairstylist are always saying that you need to use high-quality hair tools for the sake of your hair and they are probably right. Invest in a good hairdryer and it will last for years and years.

16- Foreo

We love Foreo products. They are environmental friendly and great for keeping your skin clean looking healthy. They are the building block of a healthy skin care routine. There are so many colors and models to pick from we are sure you’ll find the best product to suit her teen’s needs.


17- Terrarium Kit

These felt succulents are so cute. They double as something to do and something cute for her room. They can be assembled and dismantled as she likes to keep her room trendy and fresh.

18- Essential Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusers became quite popular in recent years. besides the health claims made by some, we think they add a great touch in every room. She can pick her favorite smells to make her room feel cozy and personal. This particular diffuser is cute and changes colors – a cute feature!

19- Rainbow Letterboard

We love all things rainbow and thought this letterboard was quite cute. Letterboard are a great piece of decor: they fill and bright up the room and can always be changed, amended to keep things fresh and new.

20- LED Lights

Are you a teen if you don’t have LED lights around the perimeter of your room? LED lights are a great and cheap way to make every bedroom feel cozy and special.

21- Candles

We haven’t yet found a girl that dislikes candles. They make everything looking classier and cozier. We particularly love this one for the Christmas period: it’s big and thus will last a while and it smells delicious!

22- LightBox

Lightboxes became popular very quickly especially on Instagram and TikTok where they are (also) used to send fun messages. We think it’s a style statement that belongs in every teen’s bedroom no matter what message.

23- Mini Fridge

Whether to keep a couple of drinks cold in her room or her skincare, these teeny fridges are adorable. These are great for face masks too! We love how girls are getting into skincare early and this product it’s a must-have to keep their products fresh and healthy.

24- Hatch Restore

Research suggests we should try to keep the phones out of our rooms at night, and this mighty gadget may help our teen following this advice. It’s a reading light, sound machine, alarm clock, and more.


25- Ring Light

More and more activities happen online nowadays. She can never have too many gadgets especially those that’ll help her improve a hobby or a school work. This ring it’s a great choice to help setting the light even in the most difficult (read: dark) rooms.  

26- Tiles Tracking

You are probably familiar with teens losing everything or forgetting where they left thier things – from backpacks to keys, phones etc… These things are so handy. She can also put them in her suitcases before checking in a bag! And if your teen if a fan of Apple – check out their AirTag

27- Bluetooth Keyboard

Online school can be a pain but less so if she is equipped with the best tools out there. We recommend this great keyboard which can make her life easier (especially when pair with an iPad or a desktop). It has all the functions she needs, it’s made by one of the most popular brands out there, it connects to every device and, as a plus, it just looks so cool!

28- Charging Station

it’s 2022 do we really need to explain how important it is for teens to have all their electronic gadgets changed and functioning? This charging station will let her charge all her devices at once.

29- Instax Camera and Film

These little cameras are so cute and take great pictures. She will be able to make collages and hangs the pictures all over her room and tapes them into her journals and notebooks.

30- Nintendo Switch

On the commute to school or to sport practice, on the sofa on a rainy day, during a break from homework… you name it, it’s always the perfect time for your teen to relax with a Nintendo Switch. It’s portable, lightweight and is compatible with so many games.

31- Noise Cancelling Earpods

Who doesn’t have earphones nowadays? Whether to be used on the bus, to focus during homework, while doing sports these model from Apple are the perfect choice. The teen in your life will love them.

Not a fan of Apple products or want something more sporty? check these Beats out!

32- Noise Cancelling Headphones

For the true music enthusiasts or for those who really hate interruptions, noise and want to ocmpletely isolate himself when listening to music these over-ears headphones are the best choice!

All Other Things

33- Microwave PopCorn Popper

The best gift for movie night it’s probably this PopCorn Popper. It’s perfect for a cozy, calm evening as well as for a crazy sleepover!

34- Friendship Bracelet

Re-discover how soothing and fun it is to make friendship bracelets. You and your teen could spent hours and hours and hours doing this. We like this kit because it has a clip that holds your bracelet in place while you are tying your knots.

35- Cozy Fleece

For those cold winter mornings and days – she will love this cozy fleece. She can wear it both at home or at school, it’s soft, warm and it looks great!

36- Yeti Cooler

This is probably one of my favorite items on this list. Yeti makes the coolest drinkware out there, they can be filled with either cold or hot beverages so that your teen can always be hydrated. You can select different caps including the non-spill one which is perfect for those always on-the-go teens

37- Fjällräven Kanken Backpack

For the trendy teens out there – consider this waterproof backpack! It’s perfect for the journeys to and from school or work, but also for trekking and travelling. Just pick your favorite color!

38- Warm and Cozy Slippers

These fuzzy and fashion slippers will keep her feet warm during the colder months of the year. It’s the perfect home gift!

39- Trendy Skates

For those very energetic teens which cannot stand still and are always looking for something to do or somewhere to go – these skates could make the perfect gift! Skates became very popular during the pandemic and many teens still love them.

40- Segway

It can be an alternative ride to school or just a fun way to move around to visit friends, do chores/commissions. This segway is smaller in size to fit tweens and teens.

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  1. Great tips, but I will definitely add jewelry to this list. For example, my niece turned 16 this month, so I got her an initial bracelet that she wears all the time. It goes perfectly with her style as she loves to dress up. I found the bracelet from an online jewelry store at an affordable price, so I think jewelry can also be a suitable gift without spending too much money.

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