Best Stocking Stuffers for Tweens and Teens (2022)

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The best stocking stuffers for tweens and teens, items they will really use and love. Stocking stuffer ideas created and approved by tween and teens. 

Best Stocking Stuffers for Tweens and Teens

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One of Santa’s favorite things to put together each holiday season is stocking stuffers. Often, stockings go overlooked, but I think that this is the most fun thing to open every Christmas morning.

A common Christmas tradition is that the kids can look through their stockings while mom and dad wipe the sleep from their eyes, get the coffee going, the mimosas poured, and the oven preheating for cinnamon rolls.

Once those things have been accomplished, the gift opening can commence! The stockings buy us some valuable time.

As kids get older, their stockings get more fun.

Let’s be honest, Christmas gifts aren’t as fun when your kids move out of the toy phase. There is a lot less around the tree, mostly black and metallic, and come in small, expensive, packages.

But stockings are where you can have some fun. Throw in some practical – socks, toothbrushes, and chapstick. But then put some silly and fun things – whoopee cushions, games, and gel pens.

“Santa† thinks that putting together stockings is the most fun thing to shop for and the kids seem to enjoy rifling through them Christmas morning.

Best Stocking Stuffers for Tweens and Teens

These are things that my kids use and love. Plus, all can be ordered from Amazon, so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your couch to get these things.

Gifts for Teen and Tween Girls

Stocking Stuffers for Teens and Tweens

My Favorite Holiday Things

You ready?

1- Screen Wipes

I can’t even tell you how many of these we go through. I buy a ton of these and put a couple of handfuls in each stocking. They are super useful for glasses, screens, phones… you name it!

2- Pootanicals

When you gotta go, you gotta go. A little spray goes a long way. Useful and frankly. quite a funny present!

3- Tangle Fidget Toy

If you have a child having a hard focusing or fidgeting doing homework, have them put one in their non-dominant hand. It’s magic. I learned this trick at a parenting workshop and it never fails me.

4- Kitpas

These are Japanese crayons that can draw on almost any surface and also wipe off completely clean. They are just so cool and loved by kids and teens alike!

5- Jade Roller

I appreciate our teen girls’ commitment to skincare and skincare routine. These rollers work wonders to get rid of a puffy eyes. They work even better if applied cold.

6- Whoopie Cushions

Because getting someone with a whoopie cushion is never not amusing. If you have kids, they’ll drive YOU crazy… but they’ll love the present for sure!

7- Beauty Blender Holder

I thought that this was an egg cup, but it holds your beauty blender. It’s very useful to avoid having the sponges touching dirty/wet surfaces and to keep makeup tools organized.

8- Essential Oils

To go with the diffuser that they are getting. A set like this lets them mix and match and create their own scents.

9- Uno

We do not take a trip without a deck of Uno cards, I like this set because of the metal case. A big family favorite.

10- Tenzi

Another super fun game. We love this game because there are a million variations of play. We took this on a lot of our travels too because it’s small and easy to carry.

11- Erasable Pens

For younger kids these are just perfect – they actually work and don’t tear your paper. Best pens ever.

12- Mighty Patch

Kids these days don’t even know how lucky they are with these zit stickers. They are magical for calming down a pimple quickly. You can even wear them under makeup.

13- Tangle Teezer

These brushes really do work and take the fight out of hair brushing. We prefer the ones with the handle.

14- CortiBalm

I have tried every lip balm on the market for my kids. They all get really chapped lips and this is the best one we’ve ever used. We have them in every backpack, car, and purse. I know they are more expensive than Chapstick, but it’s the only thing that can take a Massachusetts winter.

15- Metal Straws

Save the turtles! We love a straw and have made the switch to all metal straws. I like this case and that it has a brush, which is really important for smoothie drinking.

16- Christmas Light Phone Charger

This is adorable and super festive. Even your phone gets a set of twinkle lights.

17- Mud Mask

We really care about our pores here, and love a good mask. You can’t go wrong with a simple clay mask.

18- Insulated Mug

My kids like a hot drink as much as I do. These are an affordable version of the Yeti mug. I don’t get *quite* as mad when these don’t make it back home from school.

19- Bio-Oil

We love the way this moisturizer smells and this is the cutest little jar. This is the gel version of the oil that we use all the time.

20- Face Scrubber

Who wouldn’t want to wash their face with this adorable little sponge?

21- Silicone Face Mask Brush

Using a brush is a much better way to apply a messy face mask. So much less mess and a better application on the skin. We like silicone because it cleans completely.

22- Tweezers

I really worry that teens these days aren’t going to be funny because they did not have to endure an ugly/awkward phase. their brow game is too strong. But if my daughter loses my Tweezermans one more time, it’s not going to be pretty. These are good tweezers without the price tag.

23- Smencils

Smelly pencils. I usually buy these at Paper Source, I was very happy to find them on Amazon.

24- Hair Clips

A cute assortment of clips and pins because let’s be honest, you cannot have to to many…although when you need them, you can’t never find them!

25- Milk Frother

This is a great, cheap alternative to a milk steamer and it works perfectly! Get ready for your cappuccinos or lattes whenever you want in the comfort of your home!

26- Flexi Puzzle

Forever and always a puzzle that they play with whenever they see it.

27- Nail Dry Drops

These are magic. A couple of drops and one minute and your nails are good to go.

28- Tea Bags

Cold weather calls for some hot and warming beverages I personally like to splurge on some fancier teas for the holidays for the whole family.

29- USB Car Charger

You can never have enough of these and you’ll never know when you may need them!

30- Table Topics

I have learned so much about everyone in my family because of these cards. These also make a great hostess gift, they have all different themes.

31- Rainbow Playing Cards

We have a few sets of these. We play a lot of card games and I love the sturdy box for these cards. Also, am a sucker for rainbow anything.

32- Lacrosse Balls

We have buckets of these next to the bounce back and I feel like buy new balls every time I go to the lax store.

33- Leatherman

For the man who cannot stand still and always finds things to do on the go: this is the perfect gift! It’s pocket size so it’s actually perfect to carry around!

34- Reindeer Farts

Because all teens think that toots are funny.

35- Cable Clips

These are pretty handy, we have them on our nightstands so our cords don’t slip and fall. I also have them on my desk for random cord organization.

36- Wooden Puzzles

They all like to still do these small puzzles. I leave them on the coffee table or in a basket in the kitchen and they play with them while they are watching TV or standing around.

37- Bath Salt Packets

Will runs a lot and is always sore. Ava and Clay like a relaxing bath. These packets of salt soak are great for both. I like the packets because they are less mess in my bathroom.

There you go! These are the best stocking stuffers for tweens and teens. These stocking stuffer ideas were created and approved by my tween and teens. Have something else you add to your stocking every year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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