Make Ahead Smoothies (and How to Store Them)

Smoothies are a fantastic make ahead breakfast or healthy snack idea. Pre-made smoothies are delicious, made with wholesome ingredients. As a bonus I add an incredibly easy to make recipe!

Make Ahead Smoothies next to blender and fruit

Can you Make Fruit Smoothies the Night Before and Keep them in the Fridge? //

Yes, you can. If you make your smoothies the night before, and keep them in the fridge overnight, they will be perfectly good to drink the next day. You can keep them for up to 48 hours but we recommend drinking them before 24 hours if you want to keep maximum nutrition and taste!

My husband became hooked on almond milk make ahead smoothies last year, after we bought a high-speed blender. He drinks one every single morning. I am thrilled about this because there was a time not so long ago when he would never dream of eating fruits or vegetables. He has graduated from straight fruit to fruits and vegetables. Now, I can even get him to drink chia seed in his smoothies. We have come a long way.

mixed berry smoothie in a glass with berries on top

Can you Freeze Smoothies? //

Yes, you can freeze the smoothies in any type of freezer-safe container that you like. I use 2 cup mason jars. If you want to use glass containers, just be sure that they are made of tempered glass. Otherwise, it may crack as it goes from the freezer to room temperature.

5 mason jars full of almond milk smoothies

Also, when you pour the smoothie into the jars, leave some room at the top. Otherwise, when the frozen smoothies expand, the glass can break.

How long can a smoothie last in the freezer? Smoothies can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months.

make ahead smoothies in mason jars

Make Ahead Smoothies //

One day, I got the idea to make a big batch of smoothies and then individually freeze them. I didn’t know if it would work, or if they would still be good after they thawed, but they are.

Wes pulls one out of the freezer when he wakes up, leaves it on the counter, goes for a run, gets dressed, and hops into the car for a good DC commute. By that time, it has begun to thaw, and he drinks it on his way to work. The pre-made smoothies make our mornings just a little easier. There is less to clean up. Plus, they are easy to grab and go.

These smoothies are also great to pack in your child’s lunchbox. By lunchtime, the smoothie should be thawed enough for them to drink. A nice change from the normal peanut butter and jelly.

ingredients for almond milk smoothies

Now my delicious almond milk smoothie recipe //

This is the basic formula that we use for our pre-made smoothies. You can change out the fruit and make different flavor variations.

  • 1 cup almond milk
  • scoop of protein powder
  • 1 Tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 cup frozen berries
  • handful of spinach

We have yet to find a protein powder that tastes really good, so I buy a different kind every time we run out. Also, I will occasionally add nut butter, coconut oil, a touch of honey, yogurt, or flaxseed.

You don’t have to make an almond milk smoothie; you can use any type of milk or nut milk in your smoothie that you prefer. I’ve really been into pea protein milk lately. Using unsweetened almond milk just ensures that the smoothies are dairy-free and low carb.

How to make smoothies //

making pre made smoothies in a blender

I like to make a batch of 3 or 4 almond milk smoothies at a time. If I make 5, it is too much for the blender.

blender with homemade protein smoothie next to empty mason jars

Keep your make ahead almond milk smoothies in the freezer until you need a quick breakfast on the go. The consistency is best if you allow them to thaw at room temperature. I don’t recommend thawing them in the refrigerator unless you prefer very loose (runny) smoothies.

non-dairy make ahead berry smoothies next to fruit

Other easy smoothie recipes to make: //

blender with smoothie ingredients
mixed berry smoothie in a glass with berries on top

Make Ahead Smoothies

Yield: 1 smoothie
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

Almond milk smoothies are a fantastic make-ahead breakfast or healthy snack idea. These pre-made smoothies are delicious, made with wholesome ingredients, and the recipe is incredibly easy to make!


  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1 Tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 cup frozen berries
  • 1 handful spinach


  1. Blend all ingredients in a blender. I like to make 2 or 3 smoothies at a time. If I make 5, it is too much for the blender.
  2. Pour the smoothie into the 2-cup mason jars, leaving some room at the top. otherwise they will expand and the glass can break.
  3. Keep in the freezer until you need a quick breakfast on the go.
Nutrition Information:
Yield: 1 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 305Total Fat: 7gSaturated Fat: 1gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 6gCholesterol: 5mgSodium: 103mgCarbohydrates: 33gFiber: 13gSugar: 16gProtein: 31g

All information and tools presented and written within this site are intended for informational purposes only.

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blender with ingredients to make ahead smoothies

Originally published on September 10, 2012, updated with new images and copy on February 24, 2020.

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This Post Has 110 Comments

  1. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar

    I could have a smoothie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! This is such a great post 🙂

    1. bakedbree

      Then this is perfect for you Katrina!

  2. Kara

    A suggestion for the protein powder. I make a smoothie every morning, and I wound up ordering unflavored, unsweetened protein powder from I order 5lb at a time and it runs me about $7 a pound. Then I can just add whatever flavors, fruits, coco powder, etc., that I want and not worry about clashing flavors. I also like knowing that what’s in my protein powder is just whey protein, no chemicals or artificial sweeteners or flavors.

    (Btw, I have no affiliation with trueprotein, I just really really love their products)

    1. bakedbree

      Thanks Kara! That is just what we were looking for.

      1. Jackie

        I had the same problem but I wanted a plant based protein powder. My favorite is now Sun Warrior Warrior Blend. It comes in plain as well as vanilla & chocolate.

        How do you thaw the fozen smoothies?

        1. bakedbree

          Sit them out on the counter or in the fridge overnight.

  3. Michelle

    Yay! Thank you Bree 🙂 I live with roommates who work nights and so making a smoothie in the morning ins impossible for me when they have that schedule. This is perfect. Now to find some room in the freezer….

    1. bakedbree

      It is worth moving some stuff around!

  4. Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen

    Bree I love this idea! My son loves smoothies and he would enjoy this as a treat at school!

    1. bakedbree

      It is perfect for a lunch box. It will thaw just in time for lunch and still be cold.

      1. Andrea Fontaine

        If you want it for breakfast should you pull it from the freezer and put it in the fridge the night before?

        1. bakedbree

          No, I want it all frozen. I put everything right from freezer into the blender.

  5. Erin

    I live in DC! You should have a meet and greet, or host a cooking class!

    1. bakedbree

      I would love to!

  6. Jen

    great idea! I will try that,but must first buy those cute 2 cup mason jars.I’m not being paid or told to push her protein powder,but George’s Restore by Kathleen DesMaison is hands down the best tasting powder I”ve had-and I”ve tried plenty of disgusting ones.Through Radiant Recovery-google if interested.

    1. bakedbree

      Thanks for the protein powder recommendation!

      1. KLKelley

        If you’re looking for a great tasting protein powder, “Jay Robb’s” makes a Whey Protein Powder in vanilla, chocolate and a berry flavor. I like the vanilla the best. They’re sweetened with stevia. Very low in carbs, but the flavor is the best I’ve had so far. I blend frozen fruit in it, and 1% or 2% milk. Almost any health food store has it.

        1. bakedbree

          thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Sara

    Hi! I enjoy your blog 🙂 I thought I would share that the 365 Whole Foods Chocolate or Vanilla protein podwers are pretty tasty 🙂 I use them in my smoothies. I follow nearly the same method, but I add a little almond butter too. I need to try chia seeds! Are they nutty like flax?

    1. bakedbree

      Hi Sara, thanks for the recommendation. We will have to try them. Chia doesn’t really taste like anything.

  8. Katie @ Blonde Ambition

    Great idea! I’ve been wondering lately if it would work to freeze smoothies in advance — this offers some good tips 🙂

    1. bakedbree

      Yup! They freeze and thaw really well.

      1. jonathan

        i really apreciate it if u can let me know how u get get your smoothie to thaw without compromising the consistency, especially with almond milk in it coz even the maker of almond milk says that is not recommended. thxxx

        1. bakedbree

          It hasn’t really been an issue, but I’d hit it with the stick blender if I needed to.

  9. Rachael {SimplyFreshCooking}

    Uh yeah, that’s awesome!!

    1. bakedbree

      thanks Rachael!

  10. Brandon

    I am SO jealous that you have a Vitamix! I love that these can be made ahead, so easy as you stated above. Anything to reduce how much I need to do in the morning is a huge help. Thanks for sharing, Bree!

    1. bakedbree

      I love my Vitamix! I was very lucky to use my SIL’s Williams-Somoma discount to buy it. I use it all the time. Glad to make your morning just a little easier.

  11. Jennifer

    How do these do thawing out? How long does it take and are they still a good texture?

    1. bakedbree

      An hour or so, they do just fine, they come back together with a quick mix of a straw.

  12. Deepa

    This is such an awesome idea.Im on the fence abt buying a blendtec..this post is the motivation i needed..;)

    1. bakedbree

      Get one! You will use it more than you even imagined.

  13. Chineka

    Great recipe. I too love smoothies in the morning and will freeze one to see if it will come out tasty.

    1. bakedbree

      I hope this worked for you!

  14. Jenna

    I really liked this! Think we will try at home..there never seems to be enough time in the morning!

    1. bakedbree

      These save us many a morning.

  15. Sarah

    What a great idea! I work at a bakery at 5am, so I’ve gotten into the bad habit of dragging myself out of bed, rushing to work, and eating scones and muffins every morning for breakfast. I’ve been looking for a delicious solution like this–thanks!!

    1. bakedbree

      This should work really well for you. My husband does this every morning.

  16. Dane

    I was wondering if the protein powder is rilly needed or if you would like something protein but a bit lighter and vegan could you suggest a subsitute? I just discovered your site. I am really loving it!

    1. bakedbree

      It is needed for my husband because he needs the protein, but you can make these any way that you like.

      1. Walt

        Can you completely remove the protein powder?

        I’m on a low-pro/no-pro diet (Polycystic Kidney Disease) as protein helps stimulate the growth of the cysts inside my kidneys.

        Thanks a bunch, Bree.

        1. bakedbree

          Of course you can leave it out.

  17. Bella

    I love my Green Smoothies, but I wasn’t sure how the spinach would do in the freezer. Does it turn brown (oxidize?). Do the nutrients remain after it’s been frozen?

    1. bakedbree

      I don’t know about nutrients, but it doesn’t change color.

  18. Angie

    just a quick question, is the recipe posted for one smoothie? Or is that for three?

    1. bakedbree

      there are 3 separate recipes.

  19. Danielle Keenan

    Hi Bree, if you are looking for a great vegan, no-dairy protein powder, I love Amazing Greens! They have different flavors, and it’s all green proteins like wheatgrass, spirulina, and chlorella. I try to avoid anything with whey to cut down on anything mucus-building and animal based.

    1. bakedbree

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  20. lauren

    I also was trying every kind of protien powder i could get because of bad taste! i finally found one that fits every smoothie… lean shake! the vanilla, strawberry and chocolate are all just awesome i am so impressed! thank you for the tips i love my morning and post workout smoothies… now it will be even easier!

    1. bakedbree

      I will give it a try. Thanks!

  21. Kelly

    Hi there. I was wondering if there is any change to the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes with the freezing process? Just wondering if any of the health benefits are lost?

    Thanks Bree!

    1. bakedbree

      I really don’t know. I think that even if there were some loss, it is better to drink a smoothie for breakfast than not. 🙂

  22. Heather Williams

    I just love your website! I drink smoothies like this every single morning! I love freezing them, thawing for an hour and then eating them with a spoon, it’s like ice cream!:) You should try Vega One in French Vanilla- it is so tasty!! I also love Sunwarrior Vanilla Warrior Blend which is raw, and also Garden of LIfe Raw Meal which is a complete meal replacement with green foods like Vega One added in and only sweetened with stevia. All those are extremely tasty!!:) Thanks again for the great post and sharing!

    1. bakedbree

      Thank YOU for the suggestions. I will keep my eye out for those.

  23. farrah

    Quick question! I want to add protein powder to my smoothies … but since the powder by itself is SO SWEET, that it just wouldn’t leave any room for any fruit to improve the flavor. What kind of protein powder do you use? Flavored, or unflavored? And which flavor did you use for this specific recipe?

    1. bakedbree

      I usually use vanilla of whatever brand I am using. I use whatever flavor I have in the house. I have never noticed them being too sweet. Make sure that you are using unsweetened milk. That can add to the sweetness.

  24. Cat

    This is brilliant! I would love to start having smoothies for breakfast but my work shift starts early and i dont have the time to blend a smoothie before i rush out the door. Now thanks to you, I can! I would need to get myself some of those jars. Thank you so much for sharing this! 🙂

    1. bakedbree

      You are welcome. I do this all the time for husband. He leaves super early and this makes life even easier.

      1. Cat

        I made smoothies last night and froze them for work this week. Because i didnt have protein powder or chia seeds, I omitted them. The smoothies turned out tasty but the texture was a bit off. I will really need the seeds and powder as thickeners. Thanks again for your post!

  25. Ann

    I have been freezing my smoothies for breakfast and lunch for years. I figured most people did this or took a small blender to work. My small cheap blender does not chop or mix well, so the freezing idea was a last resort for me if I wanted to have smoothies for lunch.
    I also buy spinach by the extra large bags and freeze them, which causes them to blend better in the blender to me, because the crunchy texture tears easier.

    Anyway, great way to spread the knowledge.

    1. bakedbree

      Thank you Ann! I do that too. I cut and prep all of the fruit and put them in freezer bags. Then I just dump it into blender. I waste far less produce this way!

  26. Telina

    I’m curious if you have tried making them with greek yogurt and if that freezes well. I always put greek yogurt in mine for the protein (instead of protein powder), but I have never tried freezing them. Sure would be a huge time saver in the morning!

    1. bakedbree

      Well, lots of people make frozen yogurt pops. So I am going to assume that you can. I’d freeze one and see how it goes.

  27. Christina

    Will be making! I’m having surgery that will require an 8 month recup, so I’m thinking I’ll make a bunch of these to last 2 months initially, and hopefully at that point, someone will be willing to make another 2 months supply and so forth. Do you think they will keep? Have you tried this? 😀 Hope I can afford even taller mason jars, I could do 4 cups and have for 2 days. 😀 Wish there was something premade in the store that I could get so others could pick it up for me, do you know of one? I can’t do fruit in mine (major candida, like insane w the meds they have me on)…

    1. bakedbree

      They last 2 months. Mine don’t normally stay in the freezer so long because we go through so many. I would try green juices. You can have them shipped to your house.

  28. Brian Cacciapouti

    My son loves smoothies, but had a tree nut allergy and could not have one of these smoothies. Have you tried making these with something other than the almond milk?

    1. bakedbree

      You can sub any kind of milk you like. I always have almond milk in my house buy you could use coconut, hemp, rice, soy, anything…

  29. Michelle

    Great article! If using chia meal, vs chia seeds, would I use the same amount, or less? Also… For those who have allergies or are vegan, Growing Naturals makes an awesome rice protein powder! They also make a pea protein powder but I haven’t tried that one.

    1. bakedbree

      I don’t think it’s going to make much of a difference if it is milled or not.

  30. Michelle Bray

    Helloo Bree,

    Is two months the max to store your ready made smoothies. If it is longer would you know the max.

    Regards you you Michelle

    1. bakedbree

      I don’t really know, they never last that long. We go through a lot of them.

  31. Judith

    Smoothies always put a smile on my face! Love them! Plus you can be very creative with recipes…..

    1. bakedbree

      Yes you can!

  32. Tara

    I’ve been doing the same thing, but have been freezing in baggies without the liquid and then just adding liquid in the morning, but recently been trying to figure out the best way to freeze without the baggie expense. I love this idea, thanks . I do a whole weeks worth at a time, and it sounds like you do too, so I’m guessing freezing for a week or over in the glass jar has been fine.

    1. bakedbree

      It has.

  33. Brandy

    Hi Bree,
    I’m so excited to make these and was wondering if you send them to school in the glass jars. I don’t think our school would let us do that so was wondering if you have any alternative ideas that would work in the freezer and then could safely transport to school. Thanks!

    1. bakedbree

      I don’t send them to school, do it in freezer bags and transfer it to a water bottle?

  34. jen

    Teras Whey protein powder is the best quality and our fav. only like 4 ingredients, grass fed and organic. i get the Tahitian vanilla bean and dark fair trade chocolate flavors and we love them. never went back to anything else.

  35. Kimberly

    Going to try some this way.

  36. Alicia

    So how many smoothies does this recipe make at a time? Just 2-3?

    1. bakedbree

      You can make as many as you like. I do about 6-8 depending on how much room I have in my freezer.

  37. inky

    I freeze my smoothies also, but don’t put the lid on until they are frozen. I’ve had too many accidents. I also like to eat/drink them in their semi-frozen state.

  38. Desi Tillman

    Will freezing your smoothie recipe work if I use 4oz almond milk and 4oz water as my liquid base?

    1. bakedbree

      I assumer so. Give it a try and see.

  39. Allison

    I made them and put them in the freezer and took one out the night before to unthaw and in the morning it tasted awful
    Any reason why?

    1. bakedbree

      I really don’t know. Maybe you used something that wasn’t ripe?

  40. Amanda

    Can you substitute the almond milk for coconut milk?

    1. bakedbree


  41. Bethany McGee

    I bet this would be super good with either chocolate protein powder, or using chocolate almond milk, and adding strawberries for the fruit. Like a chocolate covered strawberry! Yum!

  42. Brit

    I tried this last night and put them in the freezer. I added from greek yogurt and oats instead of protein powder and chia seeds. They still taste amazing.

    I stuck mine in the freezer overnight then have it in the fridge till lunch time. (I am just a coffee person for mornings.) I just looked to see if it is thawing out fine and my smoothie is looking green now instead of purpleish. Does that seem normal?

    1. bakedbree

      It is. It’s like when you cut an apple, it will oxidize.

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  46. Renee Evers

    Hi Bree, This recipe is great and so are all of the ideas I have been reading. I have a questions about storing. Does it have to be glass mason jars. Can I use plastic?


    1. Bree Hester

      You can, but I do not use plastic if I can help it.

  47. Linda Purl

    can I add some other ingredients like walnut or peanut?

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