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Remember being a kid and your mom making French bread pizza in the toaster oven? I thought it was the best thing ever when my mom would make these for us. I am continuing the tradition, but fancying up mine a teensy bit. I made three different kinds Nacho Pizza, Tomato Pesto, and Garlic and Herb […]

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(Giveaway and 20% off Promo code at the bottom of this post.) It’s amazing what you can do to with a few cupcakes decorations to make plain white cupcakes adorable and festive. Cakes.com asked me to pick out some things on their website and see what I could come up with. You can order cakes […]

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One of my favorite things to do on Thanksgiving is to put together the kids table. The kids love having their own special space, and I love that it keeps them busy so that I can finish dinner and get it on the table without little feet underneath me. Everybody wins. I started doing this […]

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Well, it is that time of year again. Lunch packing season. Admittedly, it is not my favorite job, but one that I deem important enough to do every Monday thru Friday. I think that it is important to send my kids to school with a lunch that I know that they will eat and sustain […]

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I feel like I say this every time I sit down to write a blog post, but these ice cream sodas just might be my favorite thing I’ve made lately. I had some beautiful berries and was in the mood for ice cream (not to mention I got these cute old-fashioned milkshakes glasses on sale), […]

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  My oldest son has been asking us to let him play football for a long time. It isn’t that we didn’t want him to play necessarily, but we were concerned that he would get hurt because he is a wisp of a thing. Lord knows, I would love to have a fraction of my […]

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A few days ago, I was sitting outside and it was 60 degrees. Today it is snowing. I love winter. I am one of those rare people that loves being cold, bundled up, and craves snow days. But even I am over this winter. Winter, I don’t want you to think that I don’t love […]

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Last week I celebrated my 4th birthday. Today I am celebrating again. My new website over at BreeHester.com has launched and I cannot even tell you much I love it. (You may be able to sense a theme.) The same dynamic duo of Wooden Spoons Kitchen created a space that once again is so me, […]

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