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When I find a recipe that I really like, I tend to make it over and over until my family asks begs me to stop. Slow Cooked Beef Ragu is one of them. So far, they haven’t asked me to stop, everyone loves when I make this, but I have made this quite a few […]

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L’shana tova! Happiest of new years to you! A little late to this rosh hashanah party, but that seems to be my life these days. My apologies! I still wish you a sweet and happy new year. Not the prettiest dish I have ever served, but incredibly delicious and tender. And the perfect balance of salty […]

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I seriously cut the top of my finger this morning and am having a really hard time typing, so this is gonna be short. Always the top of my finger on the hand that I write with. Grrr…. This salad is inspired by one that I saw Nancy Fuller make on her show Farmhouse Rules. […]

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We are about 95% moved in and settled and I cannot wait to get back into the kitchen (don’t worry, I made sure that I would have lots of things saved to share with you this summer). We are in love with the Cape and have done lots of exploring along with unpacking, unpacking, and […]

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I was reading an article on HuffPost Taste and had to laugh. It is called the 22 Most Hipster Foods on the Planet and this recipe qualifies with 4. Food truck (this is inspired by the ones that I get from the Takorean truck), taco, kimchi, Korean taco. If I served it with a craft […]

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They have already cancelled school for tomorrow for snow and we haven’t even had one flake touch the ground yet. As much as I love a snow day (and I really do – no one likes to stay in their pj’s and do nothing all day more than me), I feel like we have missed […]

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Good morning! I took the kids on a road trip to visit my best friend and her children in Connecticut, and then hopped back in the car to spend a few days with our friends and family in New Jersey. We have been on a full blown food tour. We started with lobster rolls and […]

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Popping in quickly to share a recipe that I made for Old El Paso. When Wes and I were first married, we made Taco Pockets about once a week. I forgot all about them. I was asking what he wanted for dinner and he asked for Taco Pockets out of the blue, it had been […]

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