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I teach you how to have a lobster bake at home. This is an ideal meal for entertaining. Make ahead, easy clean up, and LOBSTER!  Summer in New England means one thing – LOBSTER! From June until September we have a lot of house guests. It’s funny, we’ve lived all over the country and no […]

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My husband just came home after being away for 2.5 months. To say that we are happy that he is home is an understatement. We really missed him and I am so happy to have my little family together again. (If you follow me on Instagram, you can see the video that I took of […]

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I have admitted that I have not been cooking a ton this summer, but there are two things that I have made over and over. Blueberry Crisp and these pickled shrimp. I have made these pickled shrimp every time we have had people over since I discovered this recipe. I have been on a really […]

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Do you ever have a night when the kids get home from soccer practice late, the living room is a mess, laundry is everywhere and you really just want order a pizza and call it all good? This happens to me more often than I’d like to admit. But truthfully, I am tired of pizza. […]

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Hello! I have missed you. We are moved in and almost settled. So close. I always forget how all-encompassing moving can be. How many little odds and ends need to be bought and replaced. The endless trips to Target. And my personal favorite, the $1ooo grocery shop. When all of your belongings are in storage […]

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Right now, I am sitting in my office, trying to write this post, and I cannot tear my eyes away from Duck Dynasty. I cannot believe that I just admitted that to The Internet, but it is entertaining in a did-he-really-say-that kind of way. Focus, Bree, focus. Now I am talking to myself in the […]

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When I think back to how I learned to love food and cook, I often am reminded of working at a restaurant called The Hatteras. It is no longer there, but when it was, it was before its time. The menu changed seasonally, the meats, seafood, and produce were sourced as locally as possible. The […]

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Well, we have done it. We have unpacked every box in the house and all that we have left to do is hang pictures. Not bad for 2 days. We are loving Kansas, it is much different than what I had envisioned, it is even better. Our neighbors are great and there are about 15 […]

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